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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Future of Pakistan & America as Men of Allah see

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Once a person asked Wasif Ali Wasif r.a, "At the present age, the radio, the press and the entire media have an extreme influence of the West and the East.. In this way, the country is getting weakened?!"
Wasif Ali Wasif r.a., answered him:

It is not about the influence of such things being absorbed in an individual. What I am talking is about the fate. It's not that the nations are made or destroyed by radio, television or the media.  Neither the press or the television or the radio NOR even Democracy have ever made a nation! Who Has made the country, until He does not plan to break it, NO ONE can do so. This country will prosper by the grace of Allah Almighty. This country has the blood of thousands of martyrs in her soil. Tens of thousands of martyrs' blood is present in the building of this country. Now you please leave the radio (media) if it even says that the country is falling apart. If the media has the influence of the West or America, or India or even if it has the influence of Russia,  if all of them want to break the country and if they all come altogether to break the country apart, they still can not break it!

 This thought of yours goes towards negativity. Instead you should say that how can Pakistan break unless and until we are alive! Doesn't matter even if it has America's influence, India's influence, china's influence and so on.. And if there's some one to sacrifice his life on the sacred land for Allah's sake, so either he will save the country or either he will save his own life. This is only to be felt, you say that it happens as the media wants, it happens like what America wants. Who is America? What is America?! America is herself about to drown in the water, she herself is in trouble. The life in America is no life. There are so much more troubles and difficulties, and there are so many incidents to be destroyed. Men of Allah who have a foresight tell that the water level there is going to rise. What will the media do?
This cutting has been taken from the book "Guftugu", page 238-239.

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