Pakistan Cyber Force: 15 Pentagon led Terrorist Invaders killed in Upper Dir

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Monday, October 10, 2011

15 Pentagon led Terrorist Invaders killed in Upper Dir

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UPPER DIR (INP) - Hundreds of USZ / NATO / India backed insurgents from Afghanistan entered into Pakistan’s Barawal area of Upper Dir on Sunday and attacked Kakar check post of security forces. The ensuing clash left 15 miscreants and one soldier dead. Official sources said that a group of armed terror proxies attacked the check post with automatic weapons which are used by USZ/NATO army in Afghanistan, killing one soldier and injuring two others. The attack was retaliated by the security forces immediately and as a result at least 15 insurgents were killed while the remaining fled the area. The injured soldiers were shifted to hospital for treatment and were stated to be stable. Fresh contingents of security forces were sent to the area who forced the United States of Zionism / NATO / India backed insurgents to retreat to Afghanistan.

The locals said that the insurgents were armed with latest weapons but warned that militants would be given a befitting reply if they again tried to enter the Pakistan territory. They also said that insurgents not only attacked the security forces but also targeted civilians of the area, as per trademark of United States of Zionism and NATO Army's night raids in Afghanistan against innocent non-combatant civilians. In June, insurgents in a cross-border attack killed at least 28 security forces personnel and 35 civilians in Nusrat Darra area of Barawal, while last month insurgents attacked six security forces check posts in Chitral in which 25 security men and 20 militants were killed. Pakistan has repeatedly asked USZ, NATO and India along with Afghanistan's Puppet Regime to take effective steps to stop border incursions but the cross-border attacks by Terrorist Invaders continue, causing uneasiness between the neighbouring countries.

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