Pakistan Cyber Force: Top Libyan Journalist Dr. Yusuf Shakeer confirms Gaddafi is Alive and leading anti-NATO battle

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Top Libyan Journalist Dr. Yusuf Shakeer confirms Gaddafi is Alive and leading anti-NATO battle

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Dr. Yusuf Shakeer, Libyan Top Journalist, anchor
Dr. Yusuf Shakeer, Libyan most famous journalist says that the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is alive. So far, Shaker has not said a single lie, reason why the Libyans listened to him before the NATO bombed its TV channel to silence him. 
“I’ve heard enough for today. Enough insults to our intelligence by saying that the Libyans now we are free… We had never lived under siege, killed, persecuted, imprisoned and in this destruction”, the top journalist said. “The only death that I will celebrate will be the one of Zionism and imperialism”, he added.
Muammar Ghadafi is alive and leading the Libyan resistance. Libya put 70 billion in the bank for development in Africa without interest, for Africa to never have to borrow money. NTC now say they have captured Ibrahim Mussa in Sirte. Does anyone believe that the all government of the Jamahiriyah was in Sirte? Recall that Libya is a country almost three times Spain. Even in the USZ there is skepticism about the news of the alleged murder of Libyan Leader, as published by CNN.

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