Pakistan Cyber Force: Afghanistan: Mujahideen Commandos kill 36 Terrorist Invaders in Kandahar, ISAF Helicopter wrecked in Zabul

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Afghanistan: Mujahideen Commandos kill 36 Terrorist Invaders in Kandahar, ISAF Helicopter wrecked in Zabul

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The face to face fighting in which dozens of foreign terrorist invaders and internal cowardly puppet troops were killed, came to an end last night at around midnight. The attack unfolded when 4 heroes of Islamic Emirate (Hikmatullah from Faryab, Hafiz Abdul Hae from Nimroz, Mullah Abdulghani from Zabul and Hafiz Noorullah from Kandahar’s Arghasan district) armed with mortar with 25 rounds, 82mm cannon with 15 rounds, tens of hand grenades and other small and heavy arms took up positions in an empty 3 story building near the terrorist invaders PRT building yesterday afternoon and started firing on the enemy PRT in which a meeting was taking place between the newly appointed Minister of Tribal and Border Affairs (Asadullah Khalid) and high ranking ISAF officers.

Details received from officials state that during the intense battle, an explosive laden minivan in which Mujahideen had arrived was detonated on the enemy troops who gathered around it at night time while 2 others explosives were also detonated on the enemy near the perimeter of the buildings, causing them further deadly casualties. It is said that the enemy vehicles parked in and around the PRT building were also destroyed and badly damaged during the attack.

Trustworthy sources from the area add that the operation came to an end when several attempts by the enemy to rush Mujahideen positions were beaten back while causing them heavy losses and finally prompting the terrorist invaders to use poisonous gas at midnight from which the remaining three Mujahideen were martyred (may Allah grant them the highest ranks in Jannah). The fourth Mujahid attained the level of martyrs (as we consider him to be) in the early hours of the operation. It should be mentioned that hundreds of civilians live in houses around the area in which the enemy used poisonous gas while the fate of Asadullah Khalid and other top ranking ISAF officials is not known.

On the other hand, information arriving from Zabul province states that around 01:00pm local time, Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out an attack on Atghar district headquarters, causing the enemy deadly casualties as well as badly damaging the building after which enemy air support arrived at headquarters and on its way back, one of the ISAF helicopters was shot by a Mujahid with an 82mm cannon round. Reports add that the helicopter caught fire in mid-air and was destroyed a few moments later after violently crashing to the ground, instantly killing all invaders and crew onboard.

As many as 36 terrorist invaders were killed in the Kandahar commando operation whereas around 16 terrorist invaders on-board the chopper were killed in the second attack.

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