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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Several facts busting corporate media lies about Gaddafi's death myth

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NATO, Washington, Western media, Qatar-controlled Al Jazeera, Saudi-controlled Al Arabia, UK-controlled BBC, and other corporate, mainstream sources reported his death.
More on that below. On October 20, disputed official accounts, saying:

"Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications."

On October 21, Mathaba headlined, "Mainstream Media: 'Gaddafi Captured' - 'Gaddafi Dead;' But Yet Again No Proof Provided," saying: 
"NATO and the US state department said it cannot confirm any reports. Meanwhile in Benghazi, crowds gathered in the streets to start celebrating the reports of Gaddafi's death."

Mathaba also had a commentary about Qaddafi being alive. Nonetheless, other accounts in other media headlined: "Muammar Gaddafi killed as Sirte falls". "Accounts emerge of Gaddafi's final moments". "Footage shows Gaddafi's body". "Libyans celebrate Gaddafi's death"

Factual Analysis:
  • Jamahiriya loyalists control most parts of major Libyan cities, including Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Bani Walid, and Sirte, though territory shifts back and forth.
  • Foreign media elebratory video footage showed rebel mercenaries, not Libyan patriots loyal to Gaddafi, although well over 90% of Libyans support him.
  • Images of Gaddafi's alleged body are indecisive, jumbled, and unclear. Could be anyone.
  • Saudi Arabia-controlled Al Arabia reports propaganda, not real news and information. It "seems to confirm Gaddafi's dead, as if they themselves saw (him) captured" and killed.
  • Its reports even said he "was found hiding (in) a hole and begg(ed) rebels not to shoot him."
  • Recall unconfirmed similar reports about Saddam. "This is totally false and is aimed at undermining Gaddafi's revolutionary image! They want people to be disappointed by this coward(ly) attitude and to reject any feeling they had for him...."
  • Gaddafi's no coward. He could have cut a deal months ago like other former government officials who sold out for big bribes. He refused, stood his ground, and if alive, still does, despite large parts of Libya ravaged, tens of thousands murdered, many more injured, and unknown numbers now homeless, destitute refugees.
  • Reports of Gaddafi's death indeed may be fabricated. Recall earlier ones claiming his son Khamis was dead. Each time, he turned up alive. His sons Saif Al Islam and Moatassem were reported abducted and/or killed when, in fact, they were alive and free.
  • Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim was falsely reported captured while being interviewed live on air.
  • Bin Laden's reported assassination was fabricated. In December 2001, he died of likely kidney failure. All subsequent videos and audios were fake.
  • Official and major media reports lack credibility. Believe only reliable independent accounts. Some claim Gaddafi's alive. Hopefully others will confirm it. Putting this story to bed depends on their verifiable assessments.
  • On October 20, NATO waited until evening to announce anything. Saying Gaddafi's "rule of fear has finally come to an end," it stopped short of definitively confirming his death. Why not if they know!
  • Perhaps they fear he'll show up and discredit them. It wouldn't be the first time. Last summer, he was bogusly reported killed. A fabricated image was shown. Perhaps again now.
  • "Let's wait and see if (current) information about his death is confirmed or not. And I don't mean by (NATO, Washington, or) Western media! But by Libyan Resistance sources!"
On October 20, Algeria-ISP said:
"After an unprecedented campaign of misinformation by Al Jazeera and Al Arabia, (as well as major) media worldwide, we announced" Gaddafi's death "and death of his son" Moatassem.
However, Libyan loyalists provided no confirmation,"No confirmation from....Moussa.", "No confirmation of the journalist and Dr. Hamza Touhami.", "No confirmation of the journalist and Dr. Youcef Ibrahim."

The same day Algeria ISP report headlined, "The Libyan leader is still alive and he said TOZ FI CNT/NATO [SCREW TNC/NATO]," saying:

"....Gaddafi is in excellent health and has an excellent moral." His alleged capture "is simply a lie spewed by the nth CNT/NATO....broadcast through the media lies.."

Its purpose is to weaken and demoralize brave resistance fighters.  "The Libyan leader is still alive and still determined to cleanse the country of these traitors and mercenaries...". Another October 20 Algeria ISP report headlined, "Libya - CNT/NATO/ELJAZEERA/ELARABIYA announce three lies: The death of Gaddafi, son Moatassem and his defense minister," saying, Arab media reported or lies vomited three lies in one day. This is the historic day (of) lies....The Libyan people are not fooled and free people around the world know.

"The Libyan leader and his son are....well-protected against traitors and mercenaries...."
"The Libyan leader lives in the heart and body of any Libyan who wants to free his country from the clutches of traitors and NATO." On October 21, NSNBC noted how media manipulators condition readers and viewers to accept "premeditated murders as acts of humanity." Human Rights Organizations corrupted by power elite funding play important roles in feeding the narrative about "targeted governments or heads of state as villains." It's irrelevant that Libya had "the most direct and participatory form of democracy...." Gaddafi's role was mostly "honorary." So-called revolutionaries are led by former regime traitors bribed to sell out and Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) Al Qaeda elements.Reasons to attack Libya and Gaddafi regime:

  • Key NATO partners America, Britain and France want total control of Africa. The African Union "is financially dependent on" EU countries. France "control(s the economies and finance of) eight African CFA nations."
  • Gaddafi's plan to establish a Pan-African currency represented an anti-colonialist threat and reason enough to topple him.
  • Under a corrupted Secretary-General, UN member states largely "degenerated into an international (cartel lending) legitimacy" to imperial wars by failing to enforce their own Charter.
  • In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya alone, millions of deaths resulted. Millions more are occupied, oppressed and impoverished. America plays the lead role. Its first ever Black President is responsible for murdering "tens of thousands of Black African" civilians wanting only to live free in peace.
  • Whether or not Gaddafi's alive or dead, his political leadership and governing method motivate "hundreds of thousands" to replicate them. Long ago, so-called Western civilization lost all credibility, especially America's corrupted model.

Major Media Scoundrels Hail Gaddafi's "Death"
A Wall Street Journal op-ed headlined, "After Gadhafi's Fall," saying, "Grotesque political careers usually end grotesquely, and (Gaddafi's) end proved to be no exception....For 42 years, (his) bizarre rule terrorized his people....For the better part of that era, (he) was also a global menace. Only (bin Laden) killed more noncombatant Americans and Europeans through acts of terror."

Factual analysis: 
Well over 90% of Libyans support Gaddafi, and why not! He provided free healthcare, education, housing assistance, electricity and water, as well as practically free gasoline and much more.
Americans and Europeans would welcome such "bizarre" rule. A global menace? Libyans, regional neighbors, and independent analysts know otherwise. Bin Laden was a CIA creation, used strategically as both asset and enemy. Neither he or Gaddafi killed Americans. Claiming it doesn't mean it's so. Murdoch Journal editorials and op-eds are as disreputable as Fox News commentaries reporting everything but the truth.

After seven months of NATO terror bombing and rebel mercenary atrocities, much of Libya is ravaged. A year ago it functioned effectively and efficiently in peace. A humanitarian crisis didn't exist until NATO showed up.  At best, it'll be many years before normality returns. Achieving it depends on preventing tyrannical NATO colonization, exploitation and rule. Libyans won't quit trying until they're free.

A Final Comment

After watching video footage of Gaddafi's alleged assassination, a viewer named Tim Kelly made this comment:
"I had already watched this video…observations…line at neck where mask ends ? change of skin tone there too, no marks on upper body…tinges of grey at sides of hair in contrast with the still that was published where all hair black…must admit, it is a great mask, silicon hollywood style is my guess…plus from other footage, 1) no blood on trousers while reports say shot in both legs 2) wounds to face shortly after truck loading, then when on ground and turned over, no facial wounds at all, naked clean, no blood…so what ? the rebels strip and wash him ? If this were real there is no doubt the scum would all be having a bash, if not beheading, whereas instead it’s just a whole lot of jostling…you only have to see what atrocities have been comnitted to know that if it were real it would be hard to identify the body…"
 (By Stephen Lendman)
 Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

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