Pakistan Cyber Force: Libyan Army crushes NTC Terrorists in Sirte forcing a bloody retreat

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Libyan Army crushes NTC Terrorists in Sirte forcing a bloody retreat

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NATO and CIA backed groups of mercenary animals and professional terrorists who make up the National Transitional Council (NTC), have reportedly been smashed back under fierce fire by Libyan civilians and Armed forces loyal to Libya and Muammar Gaddafi in the northern town of Sirte. The NATO backed mercenaries withdrew at least two kilometers (1.2 miles) to the central police headquarters they captured on Tuesday, AFP reported. "We have been told to retreat to the police HQ and will be using artillery cannon to hit Gaddafi's forces," NTC terrorist Hamid Neji said.

A Libyan Army Tank Shell explodes near NTC Terrorist Invaders
United States of Zionism, NATO and the international community of humanitarian scumbags have been trying by hook or crook to somehow occupy Libya in order to secure a good oil supply as well as to demolish the African currency block that was about to compete the rapidly falling USZ Dollar and European Euro. For this, humanitarian charades as well as mass media lies have been heavily used in order to desperately straighten public opinion on this openly heinous act of international butchery of human rights by the so called champions of humanity. Libyan people and the Libyan Army on the other hand, stays loyal and steadfast and is doing everything a living nation can do to protect its state.

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