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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Govt denied to issue warrants to US agents involved in distribution of weapons, says ISI Officer

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A foreign diplomat's involvement in illegal and non-diplomatic activities in the host country is a common phenomenon these days but in the light of Geneva Convention this matter seems to be highly crucial and certain rules were set about it in the documents of Convention. Before analyzing such activities of a diplomat, it is essential to put forth general relations and possible security threats that may be present between the diplomat's country and the host country. 

A second secretary of US consulate, namely Bob, resided in 7/4 sector of Islamabad. Our regular monitoring team reported us that in the later part of night, many Maliks and Khans used to come to meet Bob at his place in their expensive cars on daily basis. This report was even more important for us because of the fact that Bob's name was neither present in the ISI's list of contact officers in relation to Afghanistan, nor was he related to the anti-narcotics squad. For this reason, Bob had become a mysterious person for us. Neither did he have a wife nor children. He used to live alone in the bungalow. Moreover it was noticed that he frequently used to go out of the country. Two factors were critical in this case. Firstly the Afghan war. Ever since the war of resistance had started in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, the US had a dire wish to gain control of the war and subsequently render ISI's role as that of a 12th player. American diplomats always tried to meet the Afghan leaders first hand or used ISI as a ladder to reach Afghan leaders and wanted to give aid and funds to those Afghan leaders directly in order to keep them overwhelmed. ISI had to do special covert planning in order to keep US from these designs. Fulfilling this wish of America meant letting her hijack the entire Afghan resistance. 

Actually, the US wanted to take control of the Afghan resistance so that it could be easy to later plant a government in Kabul which would have been secular in totality. When Russian forces entered Afghanistan, we reported to the then President of Pakistan immediately. When he talked to America about the very matter, they were reluctant to accept it. It was impossible near them. But on the 3rd day when Afghan refugees began to move to Islamabad, Americans came to 'know' about Soviet occupation on Afghanistan. We are sure that Americans did know about the Russian invasion on Afghanistan beforehand but wanted to give us an impression as if this was unexpected for them.  Arrival of Russian armed forces in Afghanistan was undoubtedly a part of American great game. There's a need to have a detailed analysis of the negative role of US in this war as she tried to distort the shape of Afghan resistance (Jihad) and also endeavored to sabotage the role of ISI. (A separate books need to be written on this issue.)

Second element was drugs. This is no hidden secret now that drugs played a vital role in forming the foreign policy of America. Very cleverly they used drugs as a weapon to destroy our cultural and moral values.  We had reports that DLO Officers from America, Canada and other Western countries' consulates had instead established their own supremacy and loitered in every part of Pakistan without the permission of our interior ministry. They had deployed a huge network of spies all around, who spied and gathered information freely which had no link to anti-drug. In order to achieve their heinous goals, they carried practices of blackmailing to giving heavy bribes and worked against Pakistan freely. 

International dealers of drugs were planned to be apprehended by a method in which a selected 'carrier' would be sent out with a small amount of drugs and later the entire gang of drug dealers would be caught with the help of America and Europe. But the officers responsible for dealing with the anti-narcotics kept sending big amounts of drugs with the carriers instead of smaller ones. Moreover they them self kept light a hand on drugs and took their desired amount whenever they felt like. In this way they played a sinister game and celebrated international monopoly on drugs. Our helplessness was so pitiable that none of the agency was allowed to check the 'carriers'. 

A very major part of the American aid being used in the sacred Afghanistan war comprised of the amount which came from the sales of drugs on international level. America was using paid agents to promote use of drugs in Pakistan through this money. Under the umbrella of these activities, US plotted a sinister game of deploying heroine in every corner of Pakistan and this is a crystal clear evidence of America's 'deep friendship' and 'heart-felt sympathies' towards Pakistan. In 1979-80 America started Pakistani aid in order to control narcotics when poppy plant was harvested on a very scanty scale. Poor farmers grew this plant on a domestic scale to fulfill the needs of their area. But under the facade of this aid, through Bureau of International Narcotics, US covertly started providing the harvesters with latest technology, facilities, pesticides, fertilizers etc plus giving them giant amounts of 'white' and 'brown' gold in order to help increase the yield of 'Poppy plant'. US used secret agents for this task. 

Currently in local and international market, tens of thousands of 'noble' men are indulged in the trade of drugs and in Pakistan alone, the number of people addicted to drugs has exceeded 30k. 

Doctors say that drugs can be used as a healer and comforter against pains and sorrows. That's why it is named as 'atom for comfort'. It is pathetic that due to the defective policies of Drug enforcement Agency and negative  American planning, we could never utilize the God gifted nature in a productive way. Although it is the same beneficial plant which can be used to attain  healthy elements like morphine, codeine, dopipanone etc instead of producing heroine. Had we been yielding these elements from poppy plant, Pakistan could have earned exchange worth thousands of dollars per anum through its trade in global market of medicine. We would have not needed to take loans from IMF and World Bank. But the dream of prosperity and happiness of Pakistani nation could never be fulfilled due to the courtesy of external and internal 'well-wishers'. 

Anyhow after receiving those reports about Bob,  even though we took him into close scrutiny yet our accomplices couldn't gather any beneficial information about Bob except noting the number plates of the cars that used to come and go frequently to his house and Bob's visits. At last, we decided to deploy spying equipments inside Bob's house secretly to track his conversations. Although this decision was quite sensitive and critical in nature and could put us at stake, however we vowed to take this risk. 

Thereupon when Bob was at his office one day, one of our men entered his house very cleverly. He was utterly dumbfounded when he came to see extremely valuable and latest rifles, guns, pistols and cameras present in the closets of his bedroom and side rooms. In one of his bathrooms an active wireless set was fixed. He also found a wallet under Bob's pillow which might be forgotten there in haste. In this wallet was kept his CIA's identity card. Our team mate took snaps of the entire house and captured the snaps of his ID card too and kept it in its place safely. He then fixed the Spying equipment secretly and returned silently. 

Now the question arose whether all this artillery & equipment were collected in connection to anti-narcotics & drugs or whether Bob himself was involved in trade of ammunition. We had no answer to this question but one thing was for sure. Bob was involved in some illegitimate activity. We compiled a detailed report constituting the snaps as evidences and forwarded to General Zia, urging him to deport Bob on basis of an unwanted/disliked person. After a span of few days, we received a response that President of Pakistan discussed the issue with foreign office and our foreign office wants us to let go of the issue. At present, there are many "Bobs" working in Pakistan and we can not kick out each one of them because we can not afford displeasing America at the moment. Therefore it is demanded that ISI need not waste its time on Bob. Our DG ISI General Akhter Abdur Rehman's reaction to this answer was appreciable. At no cost did he want to close his eyes at the suggestion of foreign office. For many days we exchanged thoughts on this issue, many strategies were discussed. At last General said, "Keeping this confidential that we are proceeding with this issue, do whatever you wish to, but be very cautious of being caught at any stage."

After this command of General, we devised a detailed plan and demonstrated to him which was then approved. That plan was as follows: 

At the backside of Bob's bungalow was situated an unpopulated, deserted small piece of land which had grown several wild bushes and plants. Many such vacant plots are present in Islamabad. According to our plan, we dug a deep trench on the vacant plot until it met the outer wall of Bob's house and covered it with grass and bushes. We informed the local police that we have noticed suspicious men loitering on the streets of Islamabad in the darkness of night. We suspect a gang of terrorists planning a major assault. Additionally we informed the police that we suspect guns and ammunition being used in assaults are hidden around. We tasked one of our team equipped team members to stay with the police and come along with the police at the place of occurrence on our call. 

Meanwhile, we would keep an eye on Bob's movements. Suddenly one day he flew off Pakistan and our plan came to hold. When he returned to Pakistan, day and timing of the project were finalized. In final stages of our plan, acting team members were deployed on their corresponding places. ISI agents first of all collected all the guns and ammunition silently and piled up in the trench. Bob left his office and moved towards his house as in routine. We gave an indication to proceed to the police. The concerned ISI officer reached the spot of occurrence in the presence of police force. When police reached the trench, it made the entire area attentive with the noise of its alarms. In the meanwhile, Bob had also reached his home and parked his car in the garage. On seeing all this noise in the backyard of his house, he showed up to inquire about the scene. The unexpected backdrop span his head. Police had been collecting all the artillery from the backside of his house. Duty Magistrate had even started forming a list of all the ammunition. On looking his cameras and ammunition lying around, Bob turned pale but entered his home quietly. 

On this issue it was sufficient to shut US consulate's mouth. Therefore in next two days Bob had left Pakistan. 

Our next victim was a teacher of American International School Islamabad, named Regan Cleig. He not only did trade of weaponry but had also established a workshop in his house. Dealing with Cleig was not difficult for us. Because of the sole reason that he was not a diplomat. We caught him through a common plan and compelled him to pack up his business and clean Pakistan from his dirty existence. But the fact is that there are so many 'Bobs' and 'Cleigs' in every corner of Pakistan that it is practically not possible for any agency to screw them off and clean Pakistan from them. Pakistan's protection is the sole duty of every Pakistani. It is vital to notify every Bob and Cleig around you and report the suspect to a responsible agency in order to wipe of the enemy agents from our beautiful land. Attraction of a few dollars may shake many feet and the internal evil might persuade you for traitorship... But alas! May we never be sold out to these traders of death!

Written by: Brigadier Retd. Syed Ahmed Irshad Tirmizi (ISI)
Translated by Xharaf Vsm  

Note: The original article was written in Urdu and can be found here

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