Pakistan Cyber Force: Chinese Army repels Indian attack; Destroys Indian Army Post inside India

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chinese Army repels Indian attack; Destroys Indian Army Post inside India

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The Chinese continue to foil Indian nefarious plots in the region. Troops of the People’s Liberation Army chased the intruding Indian armed forces and intruded across the Line of Actual Control in Chumar on June 17 and destroyed Indian Army’s observation posts and cameras, it has now emerged.

What is worrying is that the Chinese successfully tampered with the Indian security apparatus in Chumar despite Indian hollow claims of Indian Army being at anadvantageous position in this region by "dominating" the heights and maintaining a better logistical connection than the Chinese.

According to a report, the camera, which was removed, was placed at a height of 13,000 feet to monitor the Chinese activities across the LAC. The report also said that the Chinese pressurized India to bring down some of its sheds and observation posts near the LAC after the month-long border row between the two countries in April. India, accordingly, dismantled one of the tin sheds sheltering a camera on its own territory.

Sources also said that the Chinese officials who chased the Indians back into their own borders, intruded into the Indian territory and asked the local people to vacate the area in Hindi for they claimed that the area belonged to them.

The Indian government allegedly kept the facts hidden and it is yet not known whether India’s defence minister A K Antony raised the issue during his recent visit to Beijing. It was only after the media exposed the June 17 incident that the Indian army conceded to the fact that Chinese troops had indeed entered the Indian territory and took away a surveillance camera and destroyed an army post.

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