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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gaddafi's Fake Death Pictures Exposed - All hail Photoshop

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Reportedly, Gaddafi is still alive and the Green Resistance continues. It would seem that the CIA and its friends have produced yet another piece of fake news when they tell us that Gaddafi has been killed.

Original Picture of unknown man at the so called Bin Laden compound

FAKE photoshopped picture of ‘dead Gaddafi’ spread by the mainstream Zionist media. Note the green patch, wire and position of hand in both pictures.

Here is another fake picture being heavily spread by Zionist mainstream media.

There has been a disinformation campaign from the media to spread the lie that Gaddafi is dead.

The media outlets which have told the truth have been subjected to attack.

“Connection problems”

Libye – Notre site ALGERIA ISP a été victime d’attaques (20 octobre 2011)
The CIA’s news outlets are responsible for the lies.
Libye – CNT/OTAN/ELJAZZERA/ELARABIYA annonce 3 mensonges : La mort de Kadhafi, son fils Moatassem et son ministre de la défense
Gaddafi is in excellent health.
Libye – Le guide Kadhafi est toujours vivant et il dit TOZ FI CNT/OTAN (20 octobre 2011)

Death to Zionism & New World Order!

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