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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Waziristan Jirga asks SC for independent judicial investigation into Drone Attacks

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ISLAMABAD - The participants of the “Waziristan Grand Jirga” held on Friday at a local hotel unanimously adopted a resolution seeking intervention of the United Nations and the Supreme Court of Pakistan as well into the “extra-judicial killings” of civilians in violations of Pakistan’s sovereignty in drone attacks. The Jirga demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to constitute an independent inquiry into the facts and the law surrounding the use of drones and missiles in sovereign territory that is not at war with the USZ, under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution of Pakistan.

It also requested action by the UN Secretary General through United Nations Special Rapporteur for Extra-judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions to fully investigate and stop the killings of civilians in violation of State sovereignty. The Waziristan Grand Jirga that was organized jointly by REPRIVE, a British non-profit organization, and Foundation for Fundamental Rights (FFR) was also attended by Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Imran Khan besides victims’ families and tribal elders from Waziristan. Addressing on the occasion, Imran Khan said that it was also revealed through Wikileaks that former USZ ambassador to Pakistan had reported to her country’s State Office that drone strikes were counter productive. He said incumbent government being stooge to the USZ was continuously misleading the masses of Pakistan.

“We can only win this war if we pulled out our armed forces from the tribal areas and announce an end to all military operations against our own people”, Imran added. “Some elements are trying to create an impression that tribal people support militancy and drone strikes in tribal areas, that is completely baseless”, Imran added. He also demanded of the government to compensate the victims’ families.  The participants of Jirga also rejected the statement of the USZ government that no non-militant was killed in past one year in drone strikes. They said USZ secret agency, CIA, was carrying out these drone attacks and these attacks were coordinated through CIA officials operating from within and outside Pakistan. 

Online adds: Chairman PTI Imran Khan has strongly condemned genocide of innocent citizens, through drone attacks on tribal areas. Addressing a tribal Jirga here in Islamabad on Friday, he warned that such horrendous attacks had badly affected innocent tribal citizens, and were only encouraging more terrorism, extremism and hatred against America. Declaring these outrageous attacks as an open violation of UN’s charter of human rights, he said that these attacks had simply destroyed the socio-economic fabric of tribal areas, and stressed Pakistan to detach itself from this American War as soon as possible. Imran also stressed on incumbents to seriously pressurize America into ceasing their drone attacks. Speaking on the occasion, the head of British human rights organization, Clive Smith informed that during the 8-year tenure of George Bush, 42 drone attacks were carried out, against a massive 118 in the very first year tenure of current President Barrack Obama.

He dispelled the wrong American impressions that drone attacks were killing terrorists, as rather the most common victims were innocent women and children, who were dying or were maimed for lifetime. “Europe and America need to be shown the actual picture (facts) about these discriminate drone stacks”, he said, adding that the ICJ (International Court of Justice) would be invoked against these drone attacks. It is pertinent to note that the participants of Wazirstan Jirga, headed by Imran Khan had unanimously appealed to CJP for independent judicial investigations into drone attacks in tribal areas, besides keeping America at bay from committing these discriminations. Detailed briefings regarding gross violations of human rights committed by America through these drone attacks, footages and a live missile fragment were also delivered to participants of the Jirga. The participants jointly agreed, that despite the fact that FATA and Waziristan were constitutionally parts of Pakistan, and Pakistani government had failed miserably to protect basic human rights of its own citizens, living there.
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