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Sunday, October 30, 2011

We the Betrayers of Rasool Allah s.a.ww - Admin's note

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I sit here today, deeply saddened and unable to think anything in the right perspective as I see the sun setting far away in the orange horizon. Loud sounds of drum beats and hundreds of people dancing while marching towards Minar-e-Pakistan are echoing through the atmosphere as another political party is holding a gathering there. They are unaware of the fact that they are marching towards another hell hole when they haven't even come out from the hell hole in which they currently are dwelling. The same cunning owl and bat like faces in his party surround Imran Khan, a sincere and too innocent a friend of this nation.

All these people vow to save Pakistan. Really? Sadly, none of them actually realizes what the problem of Pakistan has been for the past 64 years of its painful life full of its friends backstabbing their own mother nation. This Pakistan, which gave us all an identity and shelter amongst the darkest of times while the rest of Muslim world remained colonized. These people vow to save Pakistan, when there exists not a single political party in Pakistan whose manifesto contains abolition of Interest based Banking and Economic System, revival of Khilafah system of justice in the state as well as helping our war torn, brutally pressed, hungry, homeless Muslim brothers worldwide.

None of these parties has this on its agenda that it will get rid of this corrupt feudalistic system of governance and bureaucracy which has been hijacked by Qadiyanis more than 3 decades ago as exposed by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani's own great grandson, now a Muslim, Abdul Rehman.

All these people, after 64 years of humiliation and disgrace caused by this system and betrayal of Rasool Allah s.a.ww, still think that changing faces will solve the problem. This is such a sick and twisted nation that despite Quaid-e-Azam's last wish, it has still been at war against Allah and Rasool Allah s.a.ww by embracing Interest Based Economic & Banking System.

We are such a hypocrite nation that we expect all good from Allah and yet we vow to continue fighting against Him and His Prophet s.a.ww. We celebrate Eid-e-Mailaad-un-Nabi with the greatest of vigor, but in reality we are mocking Rasool Allah s.a.ww by betraying him at the same time pretending to love him. Our main enemy as a nation is our own illiteracy and ignorance which is there due to our lack of love for the most lovable leader who ever lived on this planet, Prophet Muhammad s.a.ww. We spend our lives for money and are busy day and night earning for ourselves. We don't remotely care what are the orders of Allah for us. We arrogantly vow to stay at war with Allah and His Prophet s.a.ww willingly, and at the same time we expect Allah to be unjust. But Allah does and will always do justice i.e., punish us for our deeds!

We as a nation do not possess ishq-e-Rasool s.a.ww anymore. We crave for knowing everything about our favourite celebrities or about current affairs & news but none of us craves to know every order of our Prophet s.a.ww by studying Sahi Hadith with great zest. Our Prophet s.a.ww, on the other hand, never forgot us and always prayed for us but we are such filthy betrayers that we hurt him daily and feel proud of it. Due to our deeds, Pakistan has been bleeding ever since it came into being in 1947.

Today, Pakistan is the only fort of Islam in this world. Pakistan, which has been silently bearing our betrayal and enmity for so many years, but never stopped giving us all it had for us. We eat, drink, sleep, study worldly material and flee to outer world to earn for ourselves, leaving Pakistan all alone. But Pakistan has never shown us how broken its heart is due to our betrayal. Pakistan was made for Islam and today it sees us working against Islam within itself, but it is bearing our betrayal silently.

Pakistan is now being attacked from all fronts by the enemies of Islam including India, United States of Zionism, NATO, and the Khawarij about whom Holy Prophet s.a.ww warned during his lifetime. Thousands of my, if not your, innocent sisters and children have been killed and brutalized within Pakistan itself. Pakistan's media is backing our enemy with full force while ridiculing Islam day and night. Our politicians, most of them Qadiyanis, are speaking of giving up Kashmir and re-uniting with India from which we got independence giving away 50,00,000+ martyrs in 1947. And what's worse, we the Pakistanis are assisting the enemy by our ignorance and backing up the system of War against Allah and his Prophet s.a.ww by ignoring it.

I don't know what else to write. I have never felt this bad in my life, seeing a mob of illiterate backstabbers of Rasool Allah s.a.ww following the system of anti-Christ DemonCrazy and calling Khilafah a fools paradise. Our problem is that we never really learn our lesson, because we don't have any know-how of Islam. That is because we don't have any love for Rasool Allah s.a.ww. We don't care about the blood of millions of Muslims being shed worldwide as long as we are earning a handsome salary and a happy-go-lucky life at home. For us, business is more important. Our own lives are more important.

What is not important for us is Allah and Rasool Allah s.a.ww. So naturally why would we even think about Khilafah in Pakistan? I write these final words as my tears blur my vision and sounds of Azaan-e-Maghrib echo through the skies. I pray for all of us, that may Allah please give us hidayah. Please Allah, give us such leadership from GHAIB who changes Pakistan towards Islam and ends a nationwide battle which is being waged against You and Your Prophet s.a.ww by Interest Based Economic & Banking System, corruption, injustice and mischief in the land. Ya Allah, we are the worst traitors of your Habib s.a.ww as a whole, but there are people amongst us who are still trying their best. Please listen to their pleas Ya Rab. Please end this reign of tyranny in Pakistan and bless us with strength and good rulers who are slaves of Habib Paak s.a.ww and not from any of these corrupt political parties.



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