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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

China, Italy demand immediate ceasefire in Libya

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Chinese Flag (left) - Italian flag (right)
The Italian Foreign Minister has called for an immediate halt to hostilities in Libya to allow humanitarian aid to reach civilians. However NATO partner and the top Zionist puppet France has rejected it. It comes as reports emerge of more deaths from fighting in the western city of Misrata. Italy's Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Wednesday broke ranks with NATO allies during a speech to parliament by calling for an immediate suspensions of hostilities. He said a pause in NATO's bombing campaign and the fighting between Colonel Gaddafi's forces and rebels trying to overthrow him could allow for civilian aid corridors. It comes after a difficult week for NATO, in which the Libyan government accused the alliance of killing dozens of civlians in two seperate attacks.

NATO terrorists acknowledged "accidently" hitting a civlian house in one of the attacks, but said the other was a legitimate target, as it was a command and control centre. Frattini also expressed concerns that NATO's mission, which is to protect civilians from attacks by Gaddafi's army, which in reality never took place, may extend beyond the next UN mandate deadline of September. His call for a suspension however has been rejected by Zionist puppets of France. The Zionist Stooge Foreign Ministry in Paris said the most important thing is to intensify pressure on the four-decade leader Gaddafi, who still controls the west of the country, including the capital Tripoli. In the one western city that the rebels control, Misrata, there have been reports of fresh fighting. 10 people have reportedly been killed in the city. Meanwhile, China on Wednesday recognized Libya's opposition National Transitional Council as "an important dialogue partner" as it hosted the NTC leader in Beijing.

On the other hand, China has urged the Western forces to prevent more civilian deaths in Libya. The statement came as Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations, Li Baodong, was speaking in a UN Security Council meeting. China Report has the latest. Li Baodong on Thursday urged all parties concerned to immediately observe a ceasefire in the North African country. He made the statement at the closed consultations of the UN Security Council on Libya, which kicked off on Thursday afternoon. Li said quote:
"The relevant Security Council resolution is aimed at the humanitarian protection, rather than creating more civilian casualties and a bigger humanitarian catastrophe."
China, together with other four Council members, abstained from voting on the draft resolution of imposing a no-fly zone over Libya on March 17. Two days later, the U.S.-led international coalition launched military strikes on Libya, which have so far reportedly left almost 100 civilians dead. The Chinese envoy called upon all parties concerned to cease fire immediately in order to avoid further worsening of the already intensified situation in the region. He also called for peaceful means such as dialogue and negotiations to solve the current Libyan crisis, as the affairs and future of Libya should be decided by Libyans themselves. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and his German counterpart Guido Westerwelle also talked on the phone Thursday over the situation in Libya. And the visiting Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun talked with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the Libyan situation the same day.

(Source: CNC World)



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