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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before It's too late (English Translation) - Orya Maqbool Jan

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Orya Maqbool Jan

English Translation:

Men of Allah who have a foresight, already alarmed about the prevalent Chaos and anarchy beforehand and told the ones' in power that this is due to the displeasure of Allah, stop claiming now. Don't say that you will overpower. You are dishonest and treacherous in your intentions. Clean your intentions and ask for forgiveness. The seers clearly told that these people are scoundrels and disloyal, they count scores on other's deaths. If they don't abstain, their cities won't be able to lived be in anymore.  They will be running from the cities at the stake of their lives. Few days ago, I quoted a statement by a very pious man of Allah who is blessed with an amazing foresight and neither does he ever claim, nor does he go out of the premises of the way of Syedi Rasool s.a.w.w.

He (the pious man of Allah) is so simple and down to earth in his conduct, that you will assess him a simple farmer.  Even the person who never revealed any such thing before anyone had to speak up by the intensity of the havoc like situation and its signs being shown to such man of Allah. He said, write and write it crystal clearly that the pillar has been pulled away and the roof is about to fall. Tell the people that stop supporting the cruel and break their silence against the cruelty. One year, 12 months and 365 days have passed. The havoc of flood was recalled.. it came and washed away crores of people. Nobody paid any heed to it. A few good ones' in the society came forward to help the destitute. The leaders began begging before the world.. But nothing was given in beg except stones and sand of accusations. Entire world said that they won't help the dishonest and shameless people. The flood ended.. leaving so many homeless. Many still are homeless.

We all have assumed that this is casual and routine. Those who whine for scientific logic and facts for everything, started whining, "Is there anything like Allah's displeasure?!" It's all global warming, climates are changing and nothing else. Nobody was ready to believe that there is a Supreme power, the Lord of this world and many alike Who changes climates too. They had the same satire as Nuh a.s's nation had on seeing him build an ark. Same answer as given by Nuh a.s's son that I don't need your ark.. I will climb at the top of mountain in case of flood. But the mountain drowned too. Some said, "If Kalabagh dam is created, Noshera will drown." But Allah the most powerful, handed it over  to the huge waves that were even higher than its roof. These people were not even in the path of any river. Then it happened as if the ground expelled all its water or the sky rained endlessly. The year when the flood caused a huge damage to this land and paralyzed it to some extent, Media was discussing that what impact will the flood have on our politics!

Many wished that those helpless and poor afectees will get up and over run the government. Some yelled at the incompetence of the government while the govt. shamelessly say "everything will be fine." Not even once the champions of DemonCrazy visited these heartbroken, helpless people for the sake of pleasure of Allah. They kept wandering in their helis with media cameras' along, drooling over the votes for next elections. Those who realized  the test hidden in this flood, stepped forward to help the needy for Allah's sake and thought that Allah might shower his mercy because of them. But perhaps the collective thought of the people has turned to be such that even huge disasters can't bring them to the right path. Those who could see and feel, went in prostration and their tears began to wet the ground out of fear of Allah. Perhaps our deeds don't deserve our prayers to be heard; our silence on cruelty, insult of justice, support for dishonesty and hatred for truth! On the other hand, proud tones and pride in one's skills added in spoiling the matter.

The fire of catastrophe which has been burning a few individuals in it daily, suddenly turned vigorous. Dead bodies started piling on one another. When eyes, ears and hearts get stamped, nothing helps. Some say, its all political affairs, political parties will resolve them. Some say this is administrative defect, expel everyone from here to establish peace. Some say, he has the key to peace, some say direct operation is the key to peace. In this land of thousands, no one reacted as one does at the time of difficulty at his own home. It would never happen that at any Zardari, Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif or Asfand Yar's home, if any person is in the state between life and death, the people would not consult and cry before Allah Almighty besides treatment, or the verses of Qur'aan aren't wet with tears. Everyone is requested to pray, and told Allah is enough to heal and He alone can give Shifa, besides the efforts of the doctors.

Woe on us that we spent several nights when dead bodies went on piling up and we didn't speak a word in Dua before Allah Almighty! We are those unfortunate ones' who are ashamed to prostrate before Allah Almighty! Our scientific environment doesn't let us bow down before Allah! Does anyone ever say on the bad health of his son, " What rhetoric of Allah Allah is this?! Enough of conservative talks!" Fear the time when this test knocks at your doors and enter your homes and you won't know what to do! Fear the time when any satisfaction won't give you peace! In such, even if you look at the sky with eyes full of tears, it would have been too late! Everything will be burnt! Bend down the necks full of pride for my Allah doesn't like such people on His land!

Written by: Orya Maqbool Jan (

Translated by Xharaf Vsm

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