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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Egyptian Protesters Demand Cutting Ties with Israhell

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Egyptian protesters continue demonstrating in front of the Israhelli embassy in the capital Cairo, calling for an end to Egypt's diplomatic ties with Israhell. The demonstrators insisted that they would press ahead with the protests outside the embassy until Tel Aviv's envoy to Cairo, Yitzhak Levanon, is expelled from the country, a Press TV correspondent reported on Wednesday. The protesters also demanded efforts by Egyptian authorities to halt natural gas exports from Egypt to Israhell and revoke the Camp David Accords -- a USZ-sponsored treaty that was signed in 1978 to establish 'peace' between Cairo and Tel Aviv.

Egyptian protesters gather in front of the Israhelli embassy in Cairo, Egypt, August 20, 2011.
Tensions between Egypt and Israhell has climbed since Israhelli forces killed five Egyptian border guards on Thursday at Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip. Israhelli Minister for military Affairs Ehud Barak on Saturday said “Israhell deeply regrets the deaths of the Egyptian officers” after Egypt announced that it would withdraw its ambassador the Tel Aviv if no official apology was made. Egyptian demonstrators, however, played down Barak's expression of “regret” over the death of Egyptian officers. The USZ government earlier dispatched an envoy to Cairo to try to defuse the surging tensions in Egyptian-Israhelli relations, which have further deteriorated in the wake of the killings. Meanwhile, activists across Egypt have called for a huge protest rally on Friday to press the country's ruling military council into meeting their demands.



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