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Saturday, August 27, 2011

MQM’s own activists behind Farooq’s murder

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Reports coming from various reputable media outlets reveal that the people involved in the murder of senior Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Dr Imran Farooq were graduates of Karachi University and affiliated with MQM's own student wing. The arrests were made after joint efforts by Scotland Yard and Pakistani security agencies. Sources said that two men have been arrested in connection with the murder who graduated in 2009 from Karachi University, where they were a part of MQM. A key leader of the political party, Hammad, played an important role in making contacts with the two youngsters and sending them out of the country, the sources said.
He was also an old student of Karachi University and been a leader of the student organization”, the sources claimed. Hamad is an Entomologist and got his MSc degree from Karachi University. He is a resident of Block-8 area of Azizabad. Hamad provided services as the in-charge of Anti Malaria Programme of the City District Government under Karachi Nazim Mustafa Kamal. He selected the two youngsters by using his contacts in the student organisation of the university. He made arrangements for their student visas and provided necessary facilities in leaving the city.

He fulfilled the documentary requirements of the youngsters for visa and arranged their tickets for London”, the sources said, adding that the two consultants who provide help for obtaining visas have also been arrested and being interrogated by the law enforcement agencies”. Both youngsters went to the UK in August 2010 and left England in September after the murder Dr Imran Farooq on September 16. Both reached Sri Lanka and stayed there for about 11 months. Sources claimed that Scotland Yard made investigation and informed Pakistani agencies about the two men and their possible arrival at Karachi airport.

Scotland Yard also provided the complete data of the two men. Ready for the arrests, agencies apprehended both men on August 22 as soon as they got off the plane. Sources claimed that security agencies had also arrested another man, Khalid Shamshad, from the airport who was present there to receive the suspects, but released him following “pressurefrom the representatives of the federal government in Sindh. Later, the agencies sent a report to high-ups, who ordered the re-arrest of Khalid Shamshad. Khalid is the mastermind of the murder of Dr Imran Farooq and the two arrested men came back from Sri Lanka on his instructions”, the sources said. They said Khalid had planned to kill both men to remove all the clues about this secret murder of Dr Farooq. The two arrested men have confessed killing of Dr. Iman Farooq”, the sources said, adding that Pakistani agencies had informed the Scotland Yard about the confession statement of the suspects.



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