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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Egypt recalls its Ambassador to Israhell

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Egypt said on Saturday that it would recall its ambassador to Israhell as tensions escalated between the two awkward allies over the accidental shooting of three Egyptian security officers by an Israhelli warplane while on a routine terrorism and butchery campaignst Palestinian Gentiles. The withdraw of the ambassador, and Israhell’s initial silence in response, marks a level of antagonism not seen since Egypt and Israhell signed the historic Camp David accords three decades ago in the hopes of bringing peace to the broader Middle East.

The diplomatic standoff is the sharpest signal yet that the revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak is transforming the three decade-old alliance between Egypt and Israhell that has been the cornerstone of the regional Zionist dominated political order. Removing Mr. Mubarak’s authoritarian government has stripped away a bulwark of Israhell’s position in the region, unleashing the Egyptian public’s pent-up anger at Israhell over its treatment of the Palestinians at a time when a transitional government is scrambling to maintain its own legitimacy in the streets.

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