Pakistan Cyber Force: Hurricane Irene hits USZ's economic hub, The fall of USZ around the corner!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene hits USZ's economic hub, The fall of USZ around the corner!

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Hurricane Irene is swiftly moving toward New York on Saturday evening, with the city all but closed down in anticipation of what forecasters warned could be violent winds with the force to drive a wall of water over the beaches in the Rockaways and between the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan. Now the edge of the hurricane is finally upon us”, said the Mayor of NY Michael R. Bloomberg “We’ve warned the public,” he said, “and now we have to deal with Mother Nature.”

The subway system has been shut down in the middle of the day amid the floods that can break the 150 years record. The flood is expected to ravage many parts of the USZ in spite of all the precautionary measures, the analysts believe. The storm that hit the outer banks of North Carolina has left 6 dead, the Zionists media reported. However, the real death toll can be much more than this. After this the storm is moving towards the economic hub of USZ i.e New York and is likely to hit it at 8 a.m Sunday (local time).

Forecasters reported that the storm will bring a devastating flood of the frequency which USZ has never had in the last 150 years. According to USZ power and electric authorities, More than 10,000 people in the New York area had lost electricity by 10 p.m last night. — around 6000 on Long Island, 5000 in New Jersey, and about 400 in the city and in Westchester. Millions of people have taken refuge in Community Colleges. Some geological analysts are worried that the storms may also endanger the sky scrappers and hence causing extreme destruction.

The already crashing economy of USZ cannot withstand such a big hurricane and will tend imperil the USZ state to be completely bankrupt. In this state USZ will not be able to provide any logistic support to its Army in Afghanistan. Scrutinizing the situation, one can easily predict that it will be a hypercritical situation for USZ’s collapsing economy and may result in deteriorating the affairs of state.

The bitter truth for all the leftists is that these are extremely desperate times for USZ and its end is just around the corner.

Analysts warned that governments around the world should stop relying on the dollar and should get rid of them as soon as possible without doing they will also fell prey to the economic depression after the fall of the USZ.

Many countries including Pakistan, China, Turkey, Iran have already started trading in their own currency and others are following the suit.

Faraan Khan
Pakistan Cyber Force



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