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Monday, August 22, 2011

Supreme Court takes Suo Motu notice of Karachi Violence

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The Supreme Court of Pakistan
Islamabad: According to the latest incoming reports from Supreme Court Avenue, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhary has taken Suo Motu notice of Karachi's bloodshed, sources reported from Islamabad via fax to PCF. Sources added that Chief Justice of Pakistan took Suo Motu notice based on a public letter published in a private newspaper which urged the supreme court of Pakistan to take notice of the Karachi's bloodbath, which is by far, the worst of its kind in Pakistan's entire history. The letter has been converted into a human rights case, Supreme Court Officials notified.

According to private news channels, the chief justice has also asked television channels to provide footage of violence in the city. As many as people were killed on Sunday, bringing the total to 85 on the 5th day of extreme violence in Karachi that started with the kidnapping and killing of five Baloch men. The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan recently described Karachi as a city in the grip of political, ethnic and sectarian “polarisation”. According to conservative reports, as many as 1500 people have been killed in Karachi so far this year out of which more than a dozen are said to have been assassinated by those elements who intend to take advantage of the situation to conspire against Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity.



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