Pakistan Cyber Force: Anti-Terrorism court directs attachment of M(B)usharraf's property

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anti-Terrorism court directs attachment of M(B)usharraf's property

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An Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) on Saturday issued directives for attachment of the property of Former American Stooge President General (Retd) Pervaiz M(B)usharraf in Benazir Bhutto’s assassination case for continuous absence from the court proceeding. Earlier, the same court had declared the former military ruler as absconder in the same case. On Friday Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) submitted final report containing details of Musharraf’s property. The FIA has pleaded the court to issue instructions for attachment of General Musharraf’s property.

It should be noticed here that UK's government has continuously been declining Pakistan's requests to hand over M(B)usharraf to Pakistan so that he can be tried at court but UK's Zionist regime is not ready to give up on their loyal puppet. M(B)usharraf's own political party is already on the verge of collapse having all its major pillars already resigned from their posts.



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