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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Israhelli flag pulled down in Egypt by angry protesters

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A young Egyptian protester has hauled down the Israhelli flag at Tel Aviv's embassy in the capital city of Cairo, replacing it with Egypt's flag. Amid ongoing protest of thousands of Egyptians in front of Israhell's embassy in Cairo on Sunday, Ahmad al Shahhat climbed the building and removed the Israhelli flag. Following the move, people cheered and honked their car horns as protesters prevented police from arresting the young man, DPA reported. The demonstrators have demanded the Israhelli ambassador to be expelled over the killing of five Egyptian policemen near the border on Thursday.

Egyptian protester Ahmad al Shahhat, who took down Israel's flag at Tel Aviv's embassy in Cairo, is being cheered by people, August 21, 2011.

On Saturday, Israhelli Defense Minister Ehud Barak apologized for the deaths, saying that he has ordered "a joint investigation with the Egyptian army to clarify the circumstances of the incident." He made the remarks hours after Egyptian state television announced that Egypt had "decided to withdraw its ambassador to Israhell until there is an official apology." Egypt has also demanded that Israhell halt its deadly airstrikes on the impoverished Gaza Strip. Israhell launched its latest military airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Thursday shortly after eight Israhellis lost their lives in assaults that targeted two buses and a military vehicle near Eilat in southern Israhell. The Israhelli offensive claimed the lives of at least 16 Palestinians and injured more than 45 others, including children.



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