Pakistan Cyber Force: 64 American troops killed in Kandahar twin martyrdom attacks - Taliban

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

64 American troops killed in Kandahar twin martyrdom attacks - Taliban

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KANDAHAR: Reports from Kandahar city say that yesterday afternoon, 2 martyrdom attacks were carried out in Kandahar city’s Chawni and Baba Sahib Kotal areas on 2 military bases of USZ and NATO terrorist invaders. According to details arriving from the area, firstly a hero of Islamic Emirate (Noorullah) entered inside the base of foreign invaders which had between 60 to 70 troops at around 01:30 pm yesterday, located in Chawni area, with a Mazda truck packed with thousands of kilograms of explosives before detonation. It is said that 36 joint enemy personnel were killed and dozens of others wounded in the powerful blast which also leveled the base.

Then a few moments later, a similar martyrdom attack was carried out with a Land Cruiser 4WD by another Mujahid (Habibullah) on another ISAF terrorist invaders' base, located under Baba Sahib’s Kotal, officials said, adding that the second base also completely annihilated and around 28 USZ and NATO terrorist invaders along with their cowardly puppets were killed with dozens others severely wounded. Locals and witnesses from the areas add that enemy medical helicopters have arrived at the scenes of the blasts and are busy airlifting the dead and wounded while both sites have been cordoned off from public.

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