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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Several Pakistani soldiers martyred by CIA-backed terrorists from across the border

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Hundred of CIA-backed militants from Afghanistan launched a pre-dawn cross-border assault on Pakistani paramilitary trenches and posts and civilian settlements, killing up to 15 people, as told by the sources. Soldiers of the Chitral Scouts and a few civilians were martyred in the string of attacks that began with an assault on paramilitary check posts in the border village of Arandu in the northwest just across from Afghanistan’s Nuristan province. Sources reveal that Militants with special motives then attacked more areas near the Durand Line, including civilian population, triggering clashes with the security forces that lasted for hours.

One of the security official told the sources that Militants attacked some posts with heavy weapons while firing mortar bombs on others causing the casualties”. The area’s top government official, Rehmatullah Wazir, said a total of 15 people, mostly troops, were martyred, while a military official in the region put the death toll at 12. Wazir said there had been casualties on the militant side but the exact figure is not known yet. Cross-border raids have raised tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent months as they battle protracted insurgencies by CIA_backed militants. Analysts believe that TTP miscreants who fled to Afghanistan and were given refuge in the NATO-USZ military camps in the face of successful Pakistan Army operations have joined allies there to regroup and threaten Pakistani border regions.

Early in July this year, USZ-NATO attacked from across the borders in which 4 Pakistani soldiers were martyred. The RAW funded Militants have largely relied on a campaign of suicide and bomb attacks that have killed thousands of people across the country. These attacks very well show the extreme frustration of the humanitarian terrorist allied forces as they are facing the worse ever defeat in the graveyard of empires with several of their soldiers and officers killed daily at the hands of Afghan Mujahideen as reported by sources in Afghanistan.

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