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Saturday, August 27, 2011

NATO's Hollywood in Libya continues amid Backdoor Mercenary Invasion

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News media outlets across the globe simply echoed as usual the reports from the news agencies which are aligned to an anti-Gaddafi cause in the service of rulers who wish to keep their populations ignorant of the alternatives, and have painted a pretty picture of a war waged almost to the end since rebels reportedly surged into Tripoli over the weekend. However, they had to do this largely by faking reports, and entire news broadcasts from Qatar’s Jazeera, by colouring in green flags with the rebel monarchist flag, an easy feet with photo editing tools, and even the faking of entire scenes at Green Square shot at a large replica of central Tripoli in Qatar. For those who are sceptical, it was not a difficult feat to show some faults on the replica, which missed some of the details of the buildings at Green Square.

Now, many of those false reports and also very real ones coming from the ICC about Saif Al Islam's “arrest”, have now been deleted from and other sites, as the media in Russia too has come under pressure from its pro-bankster President. Journalists and leaders alike are reporting that the end for Colonel Gaddafi’s regime is near, the rebels are taking control and the tyranny of the decades-long dictator is as good as gone. But really now — what’s actually happening?

No matter what the mainstream media feeds as facts in an attempt to show a war that’s not a waste of resources, men and money, the reality of it is that the battle that is being waged against Gaddafi does not appear to be as far from over as most are led to believe. One would think so, however, due to misinformation represented with no regard for the truth and a public that deserves to hear it. However, wars are waged for bankers and their stooges in the conglomerates, the “money men” and their faithful servants and gate-keeper politicians. The public are to be kept ignorant, used as cannon fodder for the elite’s wars, and consumers of their worthless products, MacDonalds, gasoline, bottled water passing off as pure, tell-lie-vision commercials and game shows, and so on.

Fake Green Square shown on Zionist Al-Jazeera

Monday afternoon in America, USZ President Barack Obama shamelessly spoke to the country about the Libyan civil war. “This much is clear”, declared the Zionist Stooge President of USZ. “The Gaddafi regime is coming to an end, and the future of Libya is in the hands of its people. For over four decades, the Libyan people had lived under the rule of a tyrant who denied them their most basic human rights”, added Obama. “Now, the celebrations that we’ve seen in the streets of Libya shows that the pursuit of human dignity is far stronger than any dictator.” (Obama forgot to add: Dictator who provided best standards to the country, jobs, wealth, easy life, no poverty, free health care, free education, free housing, plentiful food, clean water, free from Zionist hold Central Bank of Libya with Gold based economy and list goes on and on. But yes probably the best “Dictator” that ever lived). And while Obama did not say that the war is in fact at an end, he did say one thing for certain: “it’s clear that Gaddafi’s rule is over”.

Reality of Muammar Gaddafi that USZ, UK, NATO, Israhell don't want you to know

This is the age we are currently living in, where war is peace, ignorance is strength and slavery is freedom. Obama’s speech came within hours of announcement that the second son of Colonel Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, had been detained by authorities. The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for his arrest, which was then allegedly carried out by the Libyan National Liberation Army and announced by the National Transitional Council. Coupled with Obama’s assurance that the enemy’s empire was crumbling, the capture of the colonel’s son and main heir apparently would appear to be only a catalyst for the coup, signalling an end all too certain, along with SMS text messages sent to all Libyan mobile phones.

Hours after his supposed arrest, however, the younger Gaddafi rolled up to Tripoli’s Rixos hotel in a white armored limousine. The BBC described him as “pumped full of adrenaline” and “brimming with confidence”. He wore an army-green t-shirt as he flashed the V-for-Victory sign from both hands, entertaining reporters and supporters alike. I’m here to refute all the rumors and reports”, he told journalists, and then announced that they would “hit the hottest spots in Tripoli”.

The National Transitional Council had issued a report earlier that the colonel’s son was captured, being held in a safe location.” They even claimed that his brother Khamis was killed yet again, for more than the 9th time, and that Saadi and Mohammed were under arrest. It appears that Mohammad played a trick on Jazeera by calling them up saying he had given himself up, though that needs verification. Needless to say, the entire lack of resistance to the advancing rebels on Tripoli and allowing them to go on a rampage for a few hours, resulting in the deaths of over a thousand according to hospital figures, with 5,000 more injured, was a trap so that they could then be surrounded and defeated. Libyans had grown tired of the cowards hiding out in the desert.

Further, allowing the rebels into Tripoli and also elite western troops from Britain, Germany, France and even the USZ, along with Qatari mercenaries, provided the opportunity to finally confront them but at the same time expose the fact that there are immense violations of Africa’s sovereignty going on and a massive snub to the African Union which is the voice of all African states and has long had a working road map for Libya that had been accepted by all parties except the NATO rebels, and of course, NATO. Saif’s response to questions about NATO rebels? Damn them. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says it is an electronic and media war in order to spread chaos and fear in Libya”. Are the rebellions really as raw as they are made out to be? They are acting more as desperate militia. It is a de facto government but they haven’t grasped this yet Fawas Gerges, a professor of Middle Eastern politics at the London School of Economics, tells The Guardian.

Fake vs Real Bab Al' Azizia shown on Zionist Al-Jazeera
Obama says the colonel is on the verge of collapse, but his own son tells reporters that “of course” he’s safe. The media makes it as if the rebel resurgence is ravaging his regime, but other reports suggest the opposite is true . The mainstream media thinks otherwise. But what about those actually on the ground? Pepe Escobar, correspondent for Asia Times, tells RT that journalists from CNN and BBC “reporting” from Tripoli are “pathetic.” The story that they give to their audience is delivered from hotel rooms where they are held up, donned in bulletproof vests. The independent journalists actually on the scene, he says, are risking their lives to get the story straight, but few are willing to find an outlet for them to tell the truth.

Perhaps the biggest example of misinformation made available to the public was a release from the propaganda machine Al-Jazeera TV on Monday. According to a news bulletin, a NATO war-plane shot down a scud missile fired from Muammar Gaddafi’s home city outside of Tripoli. The release is great for those wanting to hear that NATO and American allies are in control and on the side of the rebels, but for those wanting the truth, they are sadly in the dark yet again. Why? Planes can’t shoot down scud missiles.

By Tuesday morning, news sources show Gaddafi’s compound billowing with black smoke, fires raging and rebels rejoicing in tears. They say the war is almost over and the end is near, and hey, they have the footage of a mansion on fire to prove it. But where is Gaddafi? Where is his imprisoned son today? What is NATO actually doing and will they lie about it before the sun sets tonight in Tripoli? And what about all the previously doctored images and videos, so many of which have been exposed on the internet on several forums?

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