Pakistan Cyber Force: Al-Jazeera shows Fake Green Square - Big Fat Tripoli Capture Lies Blasted

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Al-Jazeera shows Fake Green Square - Big Fat Tripoli Capture Lies Blasted

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In yet another act of deception, the Zionist mouthpiece Al-Jazeera has shown a fake stage of Libya's duplicate Green Square which is completely different from the original Green Square, as shown in the analytical pictures and video below. This explains the reality of all the hype being created about CIA-backed mercenary rebels about to capture Tripoli.
The real Green Square is at the bottom of this picture. It is clear that Al-Jazeera is once again fabricating a big stink pile of lies for the sheer purpose of facilitating Zionist propaganda against Libyan regime, a threat to New World Order

Fake and real Green Squares side by side comparison

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