Pakistan Cyber Force: Pakistan Orders 200+ USZ "diplomats" to leave within 30 days

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pakistan Orders 200+ USZ "diplomats" to leave within 30 days

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Pakistan has sent a letter to the USZ Islamabad embassy, asking it to phase out over 200 USZ officials in 30 to 40 days. These officials are reportedly assigned various duties such as logistic support and audit and accounts monitoring in terms of the Coalition Support Fund. It is learnt that USZ Ambassador Cameron Munter is coming back to Pakistan after cutting short his holidays to deal with the emerging situation. Highly informed sources told Pakistan Cyber Force that most of these Americans have been involved in high level espionage and anti-state activities while hiding under their working garbs.

Pakistan and the United States of Zionism have been at odds over appointment of USZ contractors and their visas had been drastically cut down to bare minimal. Pakistan has also restricted movement of all foreign diplomats in the country following the unilateral Abbottabad Circus raid by USZ special forces to purportedly kill AL-CIA-DA mastermind Osama bin laden for the 8th time in the last 10 years. Pakistan has toughened its stance further following attacks on its Naval bases in Karachi that saw two Orion surveillance aircraft ruined to ashes in a brazen attack yet known in the country’s history. More recently, arrogant USZ officials had tried to crush Pakistani Policemen when they tried to stop their vehicle for checking the NOC (Notification of Clearance). This mob of "diplomats" then stormed into the USZ embassy in Peshawar and refused to accept that they respect Pakistani Laws.



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