Pakistan Cyber Force: TTP (CIA/RAW) claims responsibility for Khyber Agency Mosque Blast

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

TTP (CIA/RAW) claims responsibility for Khyber Agency Mosque Blast

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The CIA's subversive war proxy in South Asia which is backed jointly by CIA and India's secret agency RAW, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has finally claimed on Saturday, the responsibility for a devastating suicide attack on a mosque in Khyber Agency that killed over 50 innocent civilians while they were attending Jummah Prayer, on August 19, 2011. In a statement, Spokesman for TTP Muhammad Talha said the blast was carried out in retaliation for local resistance against the CIA/RAW's mission in the region. The blast was directed against the Kukikhel tribe, whose members killed two terrorists of TTP recently in Jamrud teshil of Khyber Agency.

He claimed that the tribesmen had also destroyed three TTP Terrorist hideouts in the area. A teenage suicide bomber blew himself up in the Jamia Masjid in Jamrud area after the Friday prayers, killing at least 48 people and injuring over 120. A tribal elder in Jamrud area said that TTP Terrorists had come to the mosque over a week ago to recruit new members, but sources reveal that they failed to get any support from locals after which they decided to blow the mosque itself. It is significant to note at this point that Pakistan Cyber Force's intelligence wing had called this attack a CIA/RAW strike on the very same day it happened, which has now been confirmed by this statement coming from the TTP Terrorist head. The key objectives behind this attack are many, out of which one major objective is to deviate Army's attention from Karachi massacre as well as to pressurize the security agencies psychologically.



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