Pakistan Cyber Force: Another USZ Embassy Terrorist Vehicle stopped at Peshawar

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another USZ Embassy Terrorist Vehicle stopped at Peshawar

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PESHAWAR - A USZ consulate vehicle was stopped by security personnel at a checkpost in Peshawar near Khalid bin Walid Park on Monday, reported a private TV channel. Four USZ nationals were travelling from Islamabad in a bullet-proof Land Cruiser when they were stopped because they were carrying expired No Objection Certificates (NoC). The validation date of their NoC was from August 14 to August 20. The vehicle was also carrying two registration number plates. The foreigners did not show their passports to authorities, and claimed that they did not need to carry NoCs as they are workers at the USZ Embassy. The vehicle was stopped as all foreigners travelling from Islamabad are bound to report to the Interior and the Foreign Minister before they leave the capital.

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