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Friday, August 26, 2011

SC receives Bomb Threat - Analysts believe Government involved

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Security has been put on high alert on since Thursday after a warning letter was found in Supreme Court's parking area which threatened to assassinate Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhary and destroying the Supreme Court building with a bomb attack. Interestingly enough, the threatening party also threatened to assassinate Stooge President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, who is ironically enough, working against Supreme Court on every front with more than half a dozen cases with their end decisions pending against him including the notorious NRO case. According to analysts, this suddenly makes it one of the biggest possibilities that this letter has been sent by none other than the President himself and including his name amongst the "victims" is a heinous deception attempt to bypass responsibility of this threat. According to reports, Chief Justice of Pakistan was informed about the letter after which the bomb disposal squad was immediately called in. Bomb disposal squad personnel scanned the entire building of Supreme Court of Pakistan and declared it clear since no such explosive material was found anywhere in the building.

The letter says a bomb has been deployed in Supreme Court main building and it will go off on 26 or 27th August, 2011. It should be kept in mind that a special 5 member bench of Supreme Court is about to do the hearing of Karachi's suo motu notice case today. The letter was found by a camera man of a private TV channel which he then handed over to the Police. The writers' names written on the letter were "Samandar Khan" and "Amaan Khan" and it was written in Urdu language. Filthy language has been used in the letter against Chief Justice of Pakistan and the President. Looking at the current situation, analysts strongly opine that apparently, the letter has been thrown into court by President of Pakistan himself and his name in the letter is only a work around to bypass responsibility of issuing this threat since on-ground situation clearly tells that President of Pakistan is at daggers edge against Supreme Court of Pakistan due to NRO, NICL, holding Two Posts simultaneously and several other corruption charges.

According to the terrorists, they were present in Supreme Court's parking on Thursday as well and they invaded the building with help from Police. They said in the letter that they have paid 25 Lac rupees to Police for assisting in this heinous crime, which once again points out that someone very rich and powerful is behind the attackers, which further strengthens the points noted by analysts in their reports. According to sources in Supreme Court, it has been decided that Rangers are going to be deployed at key posts in Supreme Court building as well as outside Room Number 1 in which the hearing of suo motu case of Karachi violence will be carried out.

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