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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Importance of Pakistan's Army

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Patriotism is deeply engraved within the hearts of Pakistanis . Although this patriotism has been tested a number of times by severe problems, yet this nature of Pakistanis has not been altered to much extent. This is a divine blessing of Allah Paak! This is a fact that we have broken our commitment with Allah for which we have already been chastened more than what we can bear. But before the state of affairs gets out of control, and people lose their temper leading to chaos and anarchy, its our collective as well as individual obligation to stop testing the patience of the populace.

Here I shall share a brief but interesting happening.
In 1969, when I was a member of UNESCO’s executive board, I had very cordial relations with an official who was native of Eastern Europe, and their country was trapped in the governmental orders of USSR without the consent of their people. He had been posted on many important posts of his country in the past and was very well aware of the game plan and tactics of USSR and US!

One day he said:
Although US and USSR are worse enemies of each other, but there is only one thing about which both these powers think alike

“For example?”, I inquired

For example, PAKISTAN” he answered.

On my request, he elaborated his claim, “Its an open secret that Pakistan’s Armed Forces are one of the most professional in the world and second to none, and this fact is neither liked by US nor by USSR, In addition to Afghanistan, USSR is eying the Arabian see too, moreover USSR would like to please India, and in all the above mentioned plans, there is only one obstacle, and that is Pakistan’s Armed Forces

US’s interest in somewhat different. The real and fundamental loyalty of US is with IsraHell. This is also a known fact that if any time, a call for jihad is given on international level against IsraHell, Pakistan will be that particular country, the Army of which will lead the jihad without awaiting any further orders no matter how weapon-less they may be. In spite of having puppet governments and hold in all the Muslim world, US would never want to take this deadly risk. In addition to this, like USSR, US would also want to win the support of India. It is only Pakistan’s Armed Forces which are the common enemy and target for India, IsraHell, US and USSR. That’s the reason to make your army crippled (by cutting off its budget) and weak is the common motive and aim of these three entities for achieving which they can go to any extent.”

“But how will they achieve this common motive?” I asked,
He laughed and said, “Necessity is the mother of invention, each one of them will find its own way of completing their aim.. The best approach to achieve it in third world countries is to engage their Military in civil and administrative problems in the form of long-lasting military rules by making the political order incompetent and corrupt with the help of their agents”

The above paragraph is quoted from Shahabnama's chapter 'Pakistan's future' by Qudrat-Ullah Shahab.

The excerpt above is very much self-explanatory about the plans of our enemies to engage our army in civil and administrative matters. It also applies to Karachi’s situation which has been intentionally orchestrated to the drag the Army into the streets and weaken it through engaging it on several battlefronts. The operation in Karachi is suicidal without overthrowing the top Political elite and bringing them to justice. After knowing enemy’s plans, there can be only two types of Pakistanis speaking against Pakistan Army now. Some are ‘Paid agents’, while the others are ‘Foolish friends’

Pak Fauj zindabad!
Pakistan Paindabad!

Translated By: Faraan Khan
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