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Saturday, September 17, 2011

SAFMA’s Episode: A Question of Dignity

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Even if I try ‘hard’ to pay a deaf ear to the ideological battle that is being waged, the innate sensory perception and upright nature with which every human being is born would not let some of the most obvious vibes go unnoticed. I have not mastered the skill to perfectly comprehend and catch every strike of the expression, be it our facial expressions or our body language; but something which has created a hype in the recent days all over the media is the recent program hosted by Dr. Shahid Masood named Shahid Nama; guest speakers Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid and Marvi Sirmed, has strengthened my faith in my visual and comprehension abilities( Watch full program here ).

I have started realizing how an unnatural and false display of a countenance and composure ‘deceives’ ones ownself, the very moment when the person is exposed to the truth and confronted with the truth. Marvi Sermed’s reactions throughout the program was a testimony to it.  Great people say, “Actions speak louder than words”. I would like to reiterate it, “Expressions speak more than a thousand words”, and what added insanity to the uncomfortable and baffled facial expressions was the undignified and spastic repetition of ‘khurafaat’ on every holy verbal expression from Zaid Hamid’s side, like innalillah wainna elehi rajioon’ and ‘astaghfirullah’- the sacred expressions which each and every Muslim of this land and from every corner of the world, is prescribed to respect and to find the reverence of these phrases seeped deep down in their hearts.

It is the training and respect that I have learned from my elders that I witnessed getting so disrespectfully snubbed from Marvi’s side. ‘The spiritual inheritance’ or ‘rohaani asaas referred to as ‘khurafaat to the extent article 62 and 63 being termed as ‘khurafaat’. I can only thank my Lord first and then Syed Zaid Hamid for revealing the true identities and associations of these ‘so-called’ patriots and flag holders of ‘freedom of expression’ maligning and corrupting the very Islamic foundations of my land and the land of 17 crore populace; whose soil still smells of the blood of 50 lac martyrs who have laid down their lives for the freedom of Islamic social values and culture.
The ‘outright stupidity’ with which Sirmed labelled Syed Zaid Hamid, flies in her own face when she lamely criticizes and demands proofs constantly like a cry baby trying to cover up the helplessness of not finding any concrete argument for her defense and for the defense of SAFMA whose ‘ideological personification’ is what we can see in the form of ‘Marvi Sermed’; she should have done the homework on her part well and atleast should have kept herself updated with regards to various programs done by Zaid Hamid which are practically present in multitudes ranging from defense of regional frontiers extending upto global defense and strategic analysis and guarding Pakistan ideologically and physically from the clutches of each and every horrid attack that is waged.

It’s not Zaid hamid who has neglected the voice of every patriotic heart irrespective of which province does he or she belongs to; rather it is Marvi and SAFMA who have pathetically failed to represent or even voice a mere stance against the atrocities which our Kashmiri brothers and sisters are afflicted with, and resorting to ‘Aman ki Asha’! And we as Pakistanis cannot forget, unlike SAFMA lunatics, that Quaid-e-Azam had called Kashmir as the Juguler Vein of Pakistan and he himself initiated the 1947 jihad in Kashmir to push Indian soldiers out of Kashmir, which today SAFMA traitors ignore completely by calling as "Not a part of our country". The quintessential example presented as a stark contrast to the fore mentioned personality was Syed Zaid Hamid with his customary most exceptional dignity, patience, and respectful attitude, brilliant and crisp facts; whose silence even gave an expression to thousands of words which connected and resonated with the thousands of hearts across Pakistan. Despite being faced with derogatory words, he kept his dignity intact. My nation, my youth needs such an example to follow, encompassing in him a blend of uprightness, truthfulness and a daring uncompromising stance on the honor of this sacred land of ours.

All I can wonder at is how this episode has consolidated and brought the whole of the Muslim Ummah on one wing and how divinely separating, practically sifting and unmasking the fractions standing against the very strong undeniable ideological and physical existence of our country. Leaving no question for every sane mind; who won the argument and who pathetically lost it. Here I would like to mention that I am a student of English literature and linguistics and not some half baked fundamentalist who follow slogans without analyzing the truth by themselves. It’s the voice of my heart that compelled me to express my views. It is the pain which I can feel piercing my heart when I see my Ideology being a Muslim and a Pakistani being blatantly tarnished and played with so easily, by none other than the ones who are serving the foreign agenda with their massive confusion, disinformation and propaganda warfare being waged on Pakistan.

But I am brimming with hope at the same time. The awakening patriotic youth stands with me now. They own this land. They will not let the sanctity of their Islamic fortress, the outcome of their Quaid’s struggle be taken away so easily. May Allah swt be the protector and guardian of this land to whom we owe each and every drop of our blood. We take an oath to defend her from every axis being opened at her. We will fight this filthy war with dignity and honour till our last breath.
InshaAllah, Pakistan Zindabad.

Written by Zarah Ali



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