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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi (r.a) fought the Ideological War against Jews

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The following is a narration and translation of an extract from a book named “Dastaan Eman Ferosho ki”(Tales of the Faith Sellers)of an incident during Sultan Salahuddin r.a’s Islamic Empire.

A new Imam was appointed in one of the villages in Egypt after the one before died mysteriously within three days after suffering from a stomachache. The new Imam’s popularity and respect increased as time passed. Once in an address in the masjid a man stood and asked the Imam of the true meaning of Jihad after he heard that Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi r.a had misguided them about it.

The Imam said: ”Our Holy Prophet  s.a.w.w left us with the message of love and peace. Then from where did swords and armour come? Sultan Salahuddin r.a has started correct Jihad against ignorance and tyranny but the schools have a flaw, where religious education is acquired, military training is also provided. Children are given lessons on desolation in the name of God. They are taught the use of swords and archery. Even girls are taught in schools of this. Will you hand weapons to your children to kill people?  These are the things brought by people who impose their governance and make God’s followers their slaves on God’s beautiful land on which there is only His mighty governance. I will visit his highness to convey him the correct and explicit meaning of Jihad.”

“You give Zakah to the State Treasure. The State Treasure belongs to the ruler. Zakah is the right of the poor and people in destitute. The ruler is not poor or living in destitute. And do you not see the animal spirit within you? Do you not feel the need of a woman? Is this not the spirit that takes you to places of adultery? This spirit has been created by God (Na'auzubillah). If you are poor and can afford one wife then pay a woman to appease this animal spirit.”

“Your King or the Commander of your army will not take you to heaven, Imams and scholars will who have the revelation of religion and knowledge in their hands.”

After the address the people left one by one after paying their respected salutations to the Imam except the man who asked him the meaning of Jihad along with his partner. After a conversation the two men tricked the Imam into thinking that they were one of his men and entered into his house, once they had seen enough evidence against him they firmly placed their hands on their swords and pulled their fake beards and turbans. It was Sultan Salahuddin r.a and his right hand man Ali Bin Sufyan r.a who was the Chief of their Intelligence Agency.

The fake Imam was captured and disclosed his mission to Ali Bin Sufyan r.a saying: My friend! Whether you use the tactic of affection or torture I will not indicate our counterparts who are sitting in the roots of your Empire. I am not one of the minor spies who convey news from here to there and find your forthcoming intentions. My status is very high in this field. I am a scholar. I have examined my religion as deep as I have examined yours. I have reached till the fold of The Qur’an and Bible. I confess that your religion is better and simple. This is the religion of every human who has no complexity. The reason of its popularity is also this, but I would also like to tell you that your enemies have ruined the actuality of your religion so that its popularity is finished.”

“Jews disguised as Muslim scholars have added groundless traditions. We have been ruining your ideology for a long period because we know that only two religions will live; Islam and Christianity. Any religion cannot be destroyed with arrows and swords. No religion can be destroyed with propagation either. It has only way, the way I took. I want to tell you that I am not alone in this mission.”

“What I have learned from knowledge is that if you ruin the culture, tradition and religion of any nation then there is no need left to attack. To kill a nation one has to set sexual fire. If you do not believe me then look at your Muslim leaders. Your Holy Prophet s.a.w.w told you to kill your Nafs, as this is the root of destruction. For how long did your nation follow this? Till the Holy Prophet s.a.w.w lived! Today your nation is the slave of their Nafs. Jews disguised as Mullahs have infiltrated sexuality in your ideaology. If Muslims had followed the instructions of their Holy Prophet s.a.w.w then I can say this with belief that today three-forth of the world would have been Muslims, but today the condition is that three-forth of you  are namely Muslims and your Empire is shrinking. You do not understand the results of our ideological attack what people like me have done to your religion, culture and tradition.”

“My friend! This attack will continue, I can predict that one day Islam will not be in this world (God forbid). If it does then it will remain as a face of an effete ideology and its followers will be drunk in sexual desires. You can kill me but you cannot kill my mission. We will not rest until we finish Islam (God forbid) or make it our slave.”     

Today we are under a massive attack that targets our ideology of Islam and Pakistan once again in the mainstream media and in cyber warfare. We must counter attack to secure and strengthen it no matter what by all means possible. Also, learn from the blunders that our Muslim brothers did before us or else history will repeat itself ruthlessly.

    Translated by: Sarah SMQ
    Pakistan Cyber Force



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