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Sunday, October 14, 2012

RAW's Marvi Sirmed a.k.a Shazia Anwaar Exposed: Pictures

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RAW Agent Name: Marvi Sarmed d/o Ch M Anwar ul Haq
Previous Name / Aliases: Shazia Anwar (Agent changed name on advise of a Hindu Numerologist for impacting social life)
RAW Agent born on: June 11, 1970
RAW Agent Address 1: House No 16 A, St No 61, Sector F-7/4, Islamabad
RAW Agent Address 2: House No 130 E, Sector 2, Punjab Cooperative Planning Society, Lahore
RAW Agent Address 3: House No 6/24 A, Street No 5, Ferozpur Road, Lahore
RAW Agent's Huband Name: Sirmed Manzoor s/o Manzoor Ahmed 

This menace was born on October 7, 1967 in Iraq 

Address : House No 10, Mirza Street, Jinnah Park, lahore

RAW Agent's Daughter Name: Rohail Sirmed
She is following her Mother's foot steps.High Probability that she will become Agent as well.

RAW Agent Marvi Sirmed did her Matriculation from Government Girls High School, Chuburji Gardens, Lahore. She was a C-Grader Student who occassionally failed in Exams and was a pathetic student but turned out to be a extremely good agent.
RAW Agent Marvi Sirmed is member of SAFMA, Human Rights Orgs, NGOs and has been tasked to pollute the minds of the Youth by distorting Islamic / Pakistani ideology. RAW Agent Marvi Sirmed maintains sexual relations with Govt Functionaries, Journalists and Politicians, Supplies Wine / Girls and uses sexual contacts for getting various advantages

Agent has specially been tasked to promote Liberalism / Secularism upto an extent that She does nt even mind polluting Islamic concepts. due to her extreme criticism of Islam giving wrong versions on islamic beliefs, a FATWA was given against her by Khatam e Nabuwat declaring her a QADIANI!!!
Nusrat Javed, Mehmal Sarfaraz and Marvi Sirmed's husband along with another guy drinking SHARAAB.

Journalist Mehmal Sarfaraz with Marvi Sirmed's husband (closeup)

We urge Supreme Court of Pakistan to take Suo Motu notice of these RAW's SAFMA Terrorists and hang them under article 6!

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