Pakistan Cyber Force: Libya reloaded: Turkey demands USZ to impose "NO-FLY-ZONE" over Syria

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Libya reloaded: Turkey demands USZ to impose "NO-FLY-ZONE" over Syria

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Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has asked the United States of Zionism to impose an immediate “no fly zone” over areas of Syria in the aftermath of a mortar attack which killed five Turkish civilians, according to a report by Israhelli intelligence outfit DebkaFile. Following the attack, which evidence suggests was actually carried out by FSA rebels and not Syrian forces, Erdogan “Asked Washington….whether the Syrian attack would serve as the pretext for imposing a no-fly zone over northern and central Syria with USZ Air Force participation,” according to the report. Obama administration officials flatly refused Erdogan’s request, citing recent intelligence which suggests that Syrian President Bashar Assad will not be able to hold on to power for any longer than six months.

As we saw with Libya, a “no fly zone” is merely a euphemism for aerial bombardment and aggressive regime change. Having been denied the no fly zone, Turkey responded by using artillery barrages to carve out a 10 kilometer deep buffer strip inside Syria, targeting military bases and outposts. Although Washington refused to back a no fly zone, they did give the green light for Turkey to launch its own attacks inside Syrian territory, a move that was rubber stamped by the Turkish parliament earlier today. The buffer zone will allow opposition fighters, many of whom are Al-Qaeda terrorists, to more easily acquire weapons to conduct terrorist bombings in Aleppo and Damascus.

Despite the fact that Turkey has authorized and is conducting military strikes inside Syria and killing Syrian troops, not to mention having headquartered, trained, funded and armed militants to carry out terrorist attacks inside Syria, Turkey’s political leaders are still simultaneously claiming they are not at war with Syria. While the United Nations has condemned Syria for an attack that in all likelihood wasn’t even carried out by Syrian forces, the global body has remained silent on Turkey’s hostile response, an act of war that has killed “a large number of Syrian soldiers.” Although Turkey claims Syria has “apologized” for yesterday’s mortar attack, circumstantial evidence strongly suggests it was carried out by the same FSA militants being backed by Turkey.

German news channel ZDF broadcast two separate reports that stated Syrian rebels had taken responsibility for the attack in Akçakale. In addition, a newly released video shows Syrian rebels purportedly in the very region that the mortar attack took place showing off mortar shells and taking credit for the attack. As we reported earlier, Turkey’s assault, combined with Israhell’s posturing in beefing up security on the Golan Heights, mirrors precisely a Brookings Institution report released earlier this year which described the pretext for military intervention inside Syria that would lead to regime change.

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