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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The life of a soldier - Tribute

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Standing in the soul-shivering cold with a determination to serve the homeland and gaurd it against any physical aggression, a soldier reminds his mother advising him in his early youth not to let down the green flag ever in his life. He feels the warmth of the words of his mother in that hard cold weather which is his only motivation against the fears popping up in his heart. He knows that his fiancee is waiting for him back in his village to be married to him but the pushing force behind his ultimate determination is his urge of getting the triumph of dying for his motherland for he knows that his life is worthless in front of the great duty he has been handed over.
The soldier feels the pride of lifting the whole nation on his tough shoulders as his chest is the first barrier between his enemies and and his nation. He doesn't care whether his chest will be decorated with medals after his soul departs nor does he want any valuable reward. His only gain is his satisfaction of conscience in this battle of life and death as no one sheds his life for few medals and wordly rewards.
The mother of a soldier sheds tears for her son every night and prays to Lord for his safety but she never prays for her son to be called back from the battlefield, she never complains, she never desires. She knows the worth of the mission that her son has been assigned and after shedding tears she shuts her eyes gently with pride. She thanks the Almighty for choosing her son for this sacred job.
The soldier's younger sister remembers the days when they were little and used to play together in the village's playground. She recalls the golden moments spent with her brother looking at the sky full of stars and wishes that her brother can be with her right now, but suddenly coming out of the cloud of memories she realizes that her brother is in the severity of weather gaurding millions of sisters like her so they can dream of a sparkling future. Her sadness turns into pride and taking a long breath, she thanks the Almighty for assigning this noble duty to her brother.
A soldier never regrets his decision to serve the land. He beats the severe conditions with his remarkable power of endurance for he is persistent to defend the land where he grew up. His friends are in the quest of building their professional career but he knows that he and his comrades on the battlefield are the chosen and lucky ones to be there as very few qualify the merit of the position he holds. Not many dream of having his position, because everyone doesn't know the worth of being a soldiers, the saviour of the nation.
The soldier sheds tears realizing that some of his countrymen play in the hands of his enemies and malign his noble position and cause. But his heart gains the strength knowing that majority of his nation is backing him. He recalls the love and affection he recieved back in his village from his relatives to shun the bad thoughts and hopes that his misled countrymen will also enchant slogans in his favor once they are guided to the right path. The sun was rising and the soldier was feeling happy when he heard the call of his mate who was next on duty. The soldier offers the morning prayers and goes into his bunker for a well-deserved sleeping hoping that his sleep will not be spoiled as it was continously spoiled for the last one week due to heavy clashes with enemies.
We are soldiers, Don't love us as we die young!
Pakistan Army Zindabad!
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