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Monday, September 17, 2012

(S)Express Tribune, the mouthpiece of Israel: Lies dissected

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In continuation of the ridiculous and baseless articles appearing on (S)Express Tribune, an article with the title Israel And Pakistan appeared on this champion of Homosexuality newspaper on 1st September 2012 which was no less than piece of crap.

Scrutinizing the whole piece of crap, the fabricated lies of the writer can be easily assimilated from the fact that he gave no proof of all that he said except a couple of wikipedia links which is an open-source website and anyone can edit it according to his own bias which makes it quite untrustworthy, so it would be very much insane to accept all that he enunciated. The writer twists the history ridiculously with his fabricated and self-orchestrated lies.
Comparing Quaid-e-Azam with David Ben Goriyon is just like comparing an angel with satan which can only be expected from an oxymoronic cracked pot like the writer. Lets get into the comparison just for the sake of argument. David Ben Goriyon has been reported to have said this about Pakistan right after her creation as reported by jewish chronicles 9. August 1967:

“The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. “This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. “It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.” 

While, on the contrary we all know that Quaid-e-azam spent all his life in order to make Pakistan and said that "There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan"
Similarly David Ben Goriyon was a known thug and gangster who commanded a gang called Haganah and most of the successive Israeli PMs were gangsters. On the contrary Jinnah was a law-abiding citizen who never broke a single law in his entire life and that's the reason that he didn't spend a single day of his life in prison unlike most of his opponents which makes the dignified character of Jinnah quite conspicuous and comparing him to a Vandalist and mafia gangster is something a person with working piece of brain can't do!
The mere lie of Jinnah being a secular has been enough discussed and the lies have dissected over and over again but still if someone is confused about it, I would recommend this video that I made a few months ago and these articles written by me and my team-mate giving you insight of the spiritual life of Jinnah.
The writer is right about Liaqat Ali Khan though in his article and that's the reason that he totally disagreed with him as the Islamophobia of these secular lunatics is nothing new and gives us quite a fair idea of their agenda.
Now lets come to who the writer actually is. Khalid Ahmed is a well-known pseudo-intellectual and director of a shady organization SAFMA which is working on a heinous agenda of disintegrating Pakistan and I don't need to say more, just visit the link I embedded in the word 'SAFMA'. Similarly Khalid Ahmed writes for some other anti-Pakistan papers and blogs as well. For instance, he writes for The Friday Times which is owned by Najam Sethi who is well known to be the mouthpiece of USA and owns a couple of apartments in USA as well and that justifies his agenda.

This is not the first time and that an article on (S)Express Tribune is stressing upon having diplomatic ties with Israel as few months ago a similar article appeared written by another secular moron and attached picture of the writer of article very much explains the source of payroll on whose agenda these nincompoops are working and its about time that Pakistanis realize the heinous agenda of this White House and zionist mouthpiece in Pakistan which is working under the zionist doctrine of eliminating religion from Islamic society. This newspaper openly supports homosexuality, it plays a role of a mouthpiece of Secular nitwits and US government and now stressing upon extending a hand of friendship towards Israel, what else proof do we need to know its agenda. Wake Up Pakistanis, that's all I have to say!

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Written By: Faraan Khan 

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