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Friday, September 14, 2012

IG FC turns down UN intruding gang yet again!

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Islamabad: Inspector General (IG) of Frontier Corps (FC) Major General Obaidullah Khan Khattak will not be able to meet the UN intruding Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances when the team visits Quetta on September 15, a highly-placed source told. According to sources, the UN intruding group had expressed its desperate desire to meet Khattak to discuss the issue of missing persons in Balochistan, despite Pakistan's Chief Justice's refusal to meeting to the intervening gang of the UN.

An official in the FC media department, Murtaza Baig, told that the IG FC would be unavailable to the UN team as he would be ‘busy’ with relief operations in the flood-affected areas of the province. Another official in the Balochistan government said Khattak was not obligated to meet the UN team since the working group was not mandated to conduct an investigation on the issue of enforced disappearance.

Former president of Balochistan High Court Bar Association Advocate Shakil Hadi also refused to arrange a meeting with the UN working group. Hadi, who is the legal counsel of Nawabzada Jamil Bugti, son of Nawab Akbar Bugti, told  that he considered the UN team’s visit to Pakistan as interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan, adding that the list of missing persons was highly misleading.

“I personally know that many persons who have gone underground were also being treated as missing persons,” Hadi said.

Post Script: It should be critically noted that the figure of missing persons all across the globe is far higher than that of Pakistan (which is undoubtedly an exaggerated figure). In areas like Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan and so many areas of India have a far greater number of people missing from their homes but interestingly the very sympathetic UN did NOT take any trouble to console the grieved families and search for their lost ones. The questions arises WHY is the UN so much concerned about the internal affairs of Pakistan? Or is it only paving a way for Libya/Syria type intervention with gradual and subsequent lame excuses? Later when the UN feels more and more excruciating pain for the grieved families, it would break into Pakistani soil with the consoling and sympathetic NATO forces for the "greater" interest of Pakistanis and humanity at large and thus the last and grand final phase of 4th GW would be deployed happily ever after! 

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