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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fake Gold Bars Being Sold in New York

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Fox’s Ti-Hua Chang is reporting that fake gold has arrived in Manhattan. Ibrahim Fadl bought the bar from a merchant who has sold him real gold before. But he heard counterfeit gold bars were going around, so he drilled into several of his gold bars worth $100,000 and saw gray tungsten — not gold. The individual 10 ounce bars would normally be worth around $18,000 each.  But bars filled with tungsten, which weighs about the same amount as gold, carry a new value of around $3,600. “What makes so devious is a real gold bar is purchased with the serial numbers and papers, then it is hollowed out, the gold is sold, the tungsten is put in, then the bar is closed up,” reports Chang. The Secret Service is reportedly investigating the matter.
Here’s a video courtesy of MYFoxNY:

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