Pakistan Cyber Force: Israhell backed Hindu Group behind 26/11 Mumbai Attack: Indian Top Journalist

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Israhell backed Hindu Group behind 26/11 Mumbai Attack: Indian Top Journalist

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LONDON: A renowned Indian journalist and Dalit (untouchables) rights campaigner has claimed a Hindu extremist organisation played a role in the Mumbai bombings of 2008 which killed 164 people and wounded more than 300.

The habitual liar Indian govt have always maintained that Pakistan-based Islamic militants affiliated with LeT carried out the coordinated shooting and bombing attacks in India’s largest city but VT Rajshekar, famous Indian leader of the Dalits and a journalist of long standing, made the shocking revelation at a seminar in London that a secret extremist Brahminical organisation called Abhinav Bharat had a role in the bombings that shook India and brought the two nuclear powers to the brink of an all-out war. He quoted from the book, ‘Who killed Karakare?’ by a senior police officer Musharif, which he released in Bombay.

Rajshekar, whose son Salil Shetty is the Secretary General of Amnesty International, told participants of London Institute of South Asia (LISA) that Indian Army Colonel Srikanth Purohit, who was allegedly involved in the Samjhota Express train bombings, is also a member of the same secret Brahminical organisation which has deep anti-Muslim agenda. He added this Brahminical organisation is well looked after in a jail in Nasik, Maharashtra. Rajshekar said Abhinav Bharat is also behind the killing of Mumbai police officer Hemant Karakare.

Rajshekar, who is the editor of Dalit Voice, claimed that those involved in attacks are currently in a jail in a town called Nazik in Maharashtra. “They are all Brahmins and upper castes and well looked after by the state,” said the Dalit Voice editor, in reference to the superiority of Brahmin caste in Indian life. He claimed the major part of the Mumbai terror attacks were carried out by Abhinav Bharat and the same organisation was involved in a series of attacks against Muslims. He said the serving lieutenant colonel who heads the secret extremist organisation has visited Israhell twice and allegedly the Jewish state has given the organisation money and arms to attack Muslims.

He said the Indian Intelligence (IB) was fully aware of this. He said media knew about this but didn’t highlight it because they are all “blood brothers”. Dalits form 20 percent of Indian population but don’t have any human rights.

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