Pakistan Cyber Force: Express News Credibility Hits Rock Bottom after Fake Picture published on Front Page

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Express News Credibility Hits Rock Bottom after Fake Picture published on Front Page

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And then the mainstream media was founded. Not exactly, rather lie factories were originated. The “propaganda” machines, half truths mixed up with complete heinous white lies.
What a beautiful view at "Gul Marg, Occupied Kashmir", said the caption of image shown below, published by Daily Express on 15 December, 2012 (click this link and scroll down to the bottom right of the newspaper).
This really inspired me and increased my love and respect for the citizens of Indian Occupied Kashmir who have been struggling for their independence for centuries. The above scenery really gives a great view of "Kashmir" which is eye-catching with a brilliant sunset and glistening snow all around, a mesmerizing scene indeed which can attract attention of every eye. Watching this image, and than reading the caption, “مقبوضہ کشمیر کے سیاحتی مقام گل مرگ میں برف باری کے بعد رات کا دلفریب منظر” (Translation: A dusk scene after snowfall in IHK's tourism spot Gul Marg).

What's horribly absurd is that the above peaceful, beautiful, natural and eye catching scenery of a “Tourism Spot Gul Marg in Indian Held Kashmir” is not from Kashmir at all. Yes, the above scenery, which was published on the front page of Daily Express Newspaper is NOT from Kashmir, in fact it is from Salzburg, Austria. Several tourist websites have published the same image as a snap from Austria such as,, Even if you search Salzburg, Austria in google, the first image you will find will be the above one.

This raises a big question over the credibility of the said propaganda mill of a newspaper. If they are publishing a fake picture on the front page of their newspaper, how they must have been dealing with the text news. The Express Tribune News Network, owned by Lakhani Brothers, has always been blatantly working against the constitution of Pakistan which states that “Pakistan is an Ideological State, and its ideology is based on Islamic principles that are extracted from the teachings of Holy Qur’an and Sunnah and Hadith of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.W.”

The free media is a part of society which globally runs on its self adjusted code of conduct and principles. The tagged “media regulatory authorities” are just puppet of either the law makers, or media itself. Whether it is “fake brutality case of Swat”, or a helping hand to support the campaigns against blasphemy law or promote Qadiyanis as true Muslims, media has always been there in a negative role against the reality and rigid facts known to the majority of masses. The social media, which gives an open opportunity to a common man to express his thoughts, has always been criticized by mainstream media. Even the issues related with the social media were being discussed by the “illiterates” of mainstream media, who only work on the paper paid agenda provided by some important embassies established in Islamabad.

Kashmir is under awful brutalization by the terrorist state of India, where more than 700,000 Indian troops are currently stationed (roughly one soldier for every 10 civilians). Kashmir where 22,764 women have been widowed, where 107,441 children have been orphaned, more than one lac innocent Muslims have been brutally murdered, Express News falsely portrays it as a peaceful area glistening with all the natural beauty in the world. What lunacy!

This front paged fake picture puts a HUGE question mark over the credibility of the mainstream media as a whole because if they are so well established and their budget is in millions of dollars, then who is responsible for such publications and obviously majority of their fake anti-state propaganda content which fills up their newspapers and websites?

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Edited by Pakistan Cyber Force Web Desk (Original draft by Ghazi Abdullah)
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