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Sunday, December 23, 2012

22 Places that are HIDDEN on Google Maps

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1. Baker Lake Inuit territory in northern Canada

A man who identified himself as "Dr. Boylan," says the darkened area in this image and in some other locations, hiding extraterrestrial beacons aliens.

2. Air base Ramstein, Germany
This NATO air base is the starting point for the forces of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and, for that reason, of course, can be a target for terrorist attacks. This may explain why the object is partially cut out of Google Maps.

3. Pacific Northwest, USA
What exactly we do not see in this photo? This place is located near the border of the states of Washington and Oregon. Enthusiasts have personally inspected the place and found nothing remarkable, except for a sinister-looking fence and no marked entrance.

4. Refinery Szazhalombatta, Hungary
This is one of the most bizarre specimens censorship in Google Maps - this place is painted green. Area of ​​the plant is removed, the buildings are erased, and all you can see is green.

5. Palace Huis Ten, The Netherlands
It is difficult to imagine that the Dutch royal family could be a prime target for a mad terrorist, but the Royal Palace Huis Ten remains blured on Google Maps when viewed from any angle. (However, the surrounding area and the trees can be seen at close increases with crystal clarity, so not sure what the point is.

6. Unknown area, Russia
No one knows what lies in the region. One view - that there is a "radar or missile interception system," and some say that a picture is inserted surrounding area from another region of Russia.

7. Oil Corporation Mobil, Buffalo, New York, USA
Some have criticized the company Mobil Buffalo for blurring the pictures, saying that oil companies are not much of interest to terrorists. On the other hand, we do not know what the terrorists think themselves.

8. North Korea
You will not see it on Google Maps, since the whole country exists in the pictures, but no road markers, street names or any other identifying details.

9. Airbase at Reims, France
The reasons that this air base locked into Google Maps, are unknown.

10. Indian Point Power Plant, New York, USA
According to experts in the field of energy, the plant is not strong enough to withstand an earthquake, such as the one recently destroyed Japan, and if earthquake is to happen, the consequences could be devastating.

11. Volkel Air Base, Netherlands
WikiLeaks published diplomatic correspondence, which confirms the presence of nuclear weapons on the territory of the base, perhaps that's why it is blurred.

12. HAARP, Hakon, Alaska, USA
HAARP (The research program of high-Northern Lights) - this is one of the most controversial operations, which is currently being conducted in the United States. Hakon, space research, and ongoing experiments there with the ionosphere, some conspiracy theorists are sure that this place is the cause of anything - from floods to earthquakes, but the evidence for this is very small.

13. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas, California, USA
This is one of the most bizarre examples of censorship in Google Maps: Raceway Laguna Seca in Salinas, California. The strange thing in this is the fact: it is obviously harmless racetrack.

14. Babylon, Iraq
While the surrounding area is perfectly visible, the city of Babylon in pictures is blurred. One could argue that this is somehow related to the local rebels.

15. Tantauco National Park, Chile
For some reason, this reserve of endangered species completely excised from Google Maps, nobody can explain why.

16. Elmira Correctional Facility, USA
This is the highest level prison in upstate New York. Perhaps, after the riots in Attica prison, and several incidents of uprisings and mass escapes around the world, the authorities can really worry about the possibility of escape by helicopter.

17. Alexei Miller House, Russia
According to Wikipedia, this place is a "private palace of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller."

18. Colonel Sanders
This is the strangest fact of Google: Colonel Sanders, the person on Kentucky Fried Chicken, does not appear in a single shot of Google Street View. This is because, according to representatives of Google, that Sanders was a real person, and the images of real people have to be blurred at any pictures.

19. Faroe Islands, Denmark
It is believed that in this area there are some military installations.

20. NATO headquarters, Portugal
Random grass is placed over the building. nobody knows why for sure.

21. Seabrook Nuclear Station, New Hampshire
Because it is nuclear and may be attacked by the terrorists.

22. Missile silos, Spain
According to one researcher, "At this place there is a small building with something resembling a missile silo in the middle. What's strange - this zone is not locked in Yahoo! Maps, but Google Maps still blur it.

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