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Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Twist in Indo-Zionist Psyops against Pakistan - The Sectarian Card

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NEW YORK  - More than 1,000 so-called "Shia Muslims" marched in the streets of New York after allegedly getting a handsome amount in their bank accounts from the Zionist Intelligence Agencies group who have been tasked with defaming Pakistan, on Friday, to "voice" their "anger" at the "Pakistani government" and the "Taliban" for what they called a ‘genocide’ in their community. They however did not represent the original Pakistani Shia Community in the least way because Pakistani Shias know who is behind this heinous flurry of killings and it's certainly not the Afghan Taliban but the Mercenary group named TTP backed by the terror trio of India-America-Israhell. “This demonstration is to condemn the violence of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and all extremists in Islam,” said one 21-year-old paid agent taking part in the protest, who would only give his name as Komal. The agenda of these slogans is obviously to denounce Islam as a religion of Peace and give a perception to the world that Islamic Extremists are always "Terrorists", perfectly matching the Pentagon Policy against Islam.

The ridiculous "march" started outside the Zionist UN headquarters and wrapped up at the Pakistani consulate. Demonstrators carried signs bearing slogans such as “Stop the violence. We are people of peace” and “Pakistani Shia have the right to live”, which propaganda experts say are typical slogans coming from the CIA's "Human Rights" mercenaries in Pakistani Media and SAFMA snakes.

Nationwide, foreign intelligence agencies have been desperately trying to spark a civil war on sectarian and ethnic lines to facilitate balkanization of Pakistan which is giving them their toughest time of history in their crooked designed aimed at occupying natural and ground resources in Afghanistan and its premises. In these attempts, their mercenaries in the region have assassinated more than 4,000 people since the late 1990s. Last month, a bomb attack on a Shia Muslim procession killed eight and wounded 30 others on the eve of Ashura and was claimed by none other than the Indo-American Mercenary group, the TTP. The blast followed another suicide attack - also claimed by the TTP — that killed 23 people at a Shia procession in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.

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