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Monday, December 3, 2012

How Pakistan Treats the Bastard State of Israhell & gets "Terrorist" Label from Zionist Slaves

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  1. During Israhell's War of Independence (1947–1949), Israhell's diplomatic mission in Washington received information that Pakistan was trying to provide military assistance to the Arabs,
  2. including rumors that a Pakistani battalion would be sent to Palestine to fight alongside them.
  3. Pakistan bought 250,000 rifles in Czechoslovakia that apparently were meant for the Arabs.
  4. Also, it became known that Pakistan bought three planes in Italy for the Egyptians.
  5. The Pakistan Air Force in the 1967 and 1973 Arab–Israhelli wars, Pakistani pilots flying Jordanian and Syrian planes shot down Israhelli planes.
  6. Saiful Azam, a Pakistani pilot shot down at least 4 Israhelli jets.
  7. In the 1982 battle for Beirut between Israhell and the PLO, fifty Pakistani volunteers serving in the PLO were taken prisoner by Israhell. After the 1973 war, Pakistan and the PLO signed an agreement for training PLO officers in Pakistani military institutions.
  8. After successfully destroying Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, Israhellis planned a similar attack on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities at Kahuta in collusion with India in the 1980s. Using satellite pictures and intelligence information, Israhell reportedly built a full-scale mock-up of Kahuta facility in the Negev Desert where pilots of F-16 and F-15 squadrons practised mock attacks. According to ‘The Asian Age’, journalists Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark stated in their book ‘Deception: Pakistan, the US and the Global Weapons Conspiracy’, that Israhelli Air Force was to launch an air attack on Kahuta in mid-1980s from Jamnagar airfield in Gujarat (India). The book claims that “in March 1984, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi signed off (on) the Israhelli-led operation bringing India, Pakistan and Israhell to within a hair’s breadth of a nuclear conflagration”.
  9. Another report claims that Israhell also planned an air strike directly out of Israhell. After midway and midair refueling, Israhelli warplanes planned to shoot down a commercial airline’s flight over Indian Ocean that flew into Islamabad early morning, fly in a tight formation to appear as one large aircraft on radar screens preventing detection, use the drowned airliner’s call sign to enter Islamabad’s air space, knock out Kahuta and fly out to Jammu to refuel and exit. According to reliable reports in mid-1980s this mission was actually launched one night. But the Israhellis were in for a big surprise. They discovered that Pakistan Air Force had already sounded an alert and had taken to the skies in anticipation of this attack. The mission had to be hurriedly aborted.
Pakistan reminded the Israhellis that Pakistan was no Iraq and that PAF was no Iraqi Air Force. Pakistan is reported to have conveyed that an attack on Kahuta would force Pakistan to lay waste to Dimona, Israhell’s nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert. India was also warned that Islamabad would attack Trombay if Kahuta facilities were hit. The above quoted book claims that “Prime Minister Indira Gandhi eventually aborted the operation despite protests from military planners in New Delhi and Jerusalem. McNair’s paper #41 published by USAF Air University (India Thwarts Israhelli Destruction of Pakistan's "Islamic Bomb") also confirmed this plan. It said, “Israhelli interest in destroying Pakistan’s Kahuta reactor to scuttle the "Islamic bomb" was blocked by India's refusal to grant landing and refueling rights to Israhelli warplanes in 1982.”

Clearly India wanted to see Kahuta gone but did not want to face retaliation at the hands of PAF. Israhell, on its part wanted this to be a joint Indo-Israhelli strike to avoid being solely held responsible. According to Time, French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy, has even claimed that Daniel Pearl, an American-Israhelli, was assassinated by elements with backing from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, (though there has been no verifiable evidence presented) over his alleged role in gathering information related to the ISI.

According to other reports from BBC and Time, Pakistani militants beheaded him because of their belief that Daniel Pearl was an Israhelli Mossad spy agent under the cover of being an American journalist. In addition to these, Pakistan religious political parties and militant groups such as Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam and Lashkar-e-Taiba fiercely oppose any relationship with Israhell, and have repeatedly called Israhell as the enemy of Islam and Pakistan. The world has already seen by now that Israhell is truly the enemy of humanity. Pakistan forbids its citizens from going to Israhell, and all Pakistani passports bear the inscription "This passport is valid for all countries of the World except Israhell."

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