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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zionist mouthpiece MEMRI targets PCF again

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Zionist mouthpiece Middle East Media Research Institute(MEMRI) did justice to its Zionist boot-licking reputation by targeting the social and cyber networks groups of Pakistan which includes Pakistan Cyber Force(PCF) as well. Before proceeding further, let us inform you that its not the first time that PCF is being targeted by Secular slaves of the White House in print in and cyber media and hence we are not surprised by this ridiculous baloney.

In our blog post published on 29, April 2011, we mentioned the Secularist slave media targeting PCF. We mentioned that a blog appearing on Express Tribune, which is well know for its boot-licking job it does for her Zionist masters, targeted PCF calling us conspiracy theorists which is the continuation of the rhetoric spitted by the neglected and rejected secular class. Similarly, MEMRI the same newsgroup that has attacked PCF and other social groups, had once before attacked PCF in one of their article  repeating the same baloney calling us "Anti-Semetic". This is how they label all the truth against Zionist Israel and their slaves.

The reason behind these articles appearing on MEMRI is quite conspicuous, that is to draw some funds from their masters as they formerly did after criticizing PCF on their website and help them in countering any "Anti-Semetic" group as the call it. MEMRI is a group based in "Washington" and has been involved in anti-Islam activities always hailing the Zionists Israel and labelling all Muslim who are against Israel, America and their slaves as terrorists, or more conveniently as "Anti-Semetic Terrorists". MEMRI received $200,000 from the USZ state department last year which is the clear manifestation of its agenda.

Its quite clear that the Zionist slaves like MEMRI, Express Tribune have gone berserk due to awakening created by Social Network Groups among common Pakistanis and hence targeting them openly in blogs, websites and their talk shows but they are fools if they think they can stop us this way. Such ridiculous attacks give us more motivations to bounce back much more powerfully.
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