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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pakistan launching 2 satellites in 2011 with China's help

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The Long March 3B Rocket
During this year, the mutual cooperation between Pakistan and China in various sectors including joint defence production is expected to spike up to new heights. By the end of 2011, under the National Satellite Development Program (NSDP) and Remote Sensing Satellite System (RSSS), Pakistan will release two of its satellites into space and will become one of the very few nations on Earth who have their own satellites orbiting Planet Earth. According to details, these two satellites will immediately bring economic benefits to Pakistan. Under the NSDP, Pak SAT 1R and under RSSS, multi-purpose satellites will be deployed in space that will serve a vast range of purposes including monitoring of environmental alterations, advanced warning of earth quakes and giving detailed information about enemy air crafts which are airborne at that time.

The chief contractor of China Great Wall Industry Corporation said that these satellites shall be launched using the Long March 3B rocket(click to watch HQ image) from Sichuan Province of China. Pakistan's SPARCO and China's Great Wall Industry Corporation have already signed the MOU of this RSSS program. With the help of this program, Pakistan will now be able to itself analyse Planet Earth. According to reports, more than 100 Chinese engineers are currently working in Pakistan to upgrade Pakistan's current satellite program. It is worth mentioning at this point that Pakistan and China are also working together on the advanced weapons system including JF-D Fighter Planes and F-22P Frigate.

F-22P Frigate (Zulfiquar)
China has already built 3 Frigates for Pakistan and after the transfer of technology, Pakistan is now building the 4th Frigate itself without any foreign help. It is worth noting that despite American and Indian pressure, China is standing firmly by Pakistan at all grounds including the Kashmir Issue.



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