Pakistan Cyber Force: NATO attacks Pakistan in Angoor Adda & Datta Khel - Several terrorist invaders killed in retaliation by Pak-Army

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

NATO attacks Pakistan in Angoor Adda & Datta Khel - Several terrorist invaders killed in retaliation by Pak-Army

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Reports from Peshawar say that  1  Pakistani soldier was martyred and  7  more Pakistani soldiers and locals were injured when NATO & Afghan puppet forces attacked the Pakistani border check post in South Waziristan’s Angoor Adda area on Wednesday, DawnNews reported.  50 shops and several houses are reported to have been destroyed as well.

Pakistani security forces retaliated the attack on the Pak-Afghan border and according to NNI reports, 12 NATO & Afghan puppet soldiers were killed as a result. Exchange of fire at the site of the clash was ongoing between Pakistani and Afghan forces. However, no official statement confirming the incident was issued by the shameless Pakistani traitor government. Moreover, an AP report quoted officials as saying that NATO and Pakistan forces traded artillery fire in two places along the border. In one incident, a Pakistani official said two soldiers were wounded on Wednesday in the Angoor Adda. Villager Ahmadullah Wazir said several shops were damaged.

Pakistani Soldier standing on duty in Waziristan
According to detailed reports, NATO and Afghan puppet troops violated Pakistan's sovereignty by crossing Pakistan's border twice in 24 hours yesterday. Atif Rehman, the political agent of South Waziristan confirmed the attack and said that 70 mortars were fired by NATO and Afghan puppet forces on the Pakistani check post and as a result, the Angoor Adda market was immediately deserted. According to other media reports verified by locals, NATO and Afghan puppet forces also violated Pakistan's sovereignty by illegally crossing Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Datta Khel district however 8 NATO / Afghan puppet soldiers were killed when Pakistan Army retaliated.

Pakistan Army spokesman (Radio Monitoring) has said that NATO / Afghan puppet forces blindly fired dozens or mortars inside Pakistan which has martyred 1 Pakistan Army soldier and injured 2 whereas the NATO / Afghan puppets fired several mortars inside civilian territory (their benchmark cowardly war moves) which damaged the Angoor Adda market and martyred several PAKISTANI civilians. Pakistan Army has immediately demanded for a flag meeting. Analysts say that things are going to go from bad to worse in the coming days with NATO terrorist invaders now openly fighting against Pakistan along with Afghanistan.



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