Pakistan Cyber Force: Mujahideen start "Operation Badar" against Terrorist Invaders and “Peaceful” traitors in Afghanistan

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mujahideen start "Operation Badar" against Terrorist Invaders and “Peaceful” traitors in Afghanistan

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The Taliban Mujahideen declared the start of a spring offensive (Badar Operations) on Saturday, warning they planned to target foreign troops in Afghanistan as well as Afghan security forces and government officials in a wave of attacks across the country.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful  Fight in the Cause of Allah, those who fight you and do not be aggressive. Allah does not love the transgressors.( S:II V:190).  

To the Muslim and Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan!

Today, our sacred Jihad against all foreign invaders in Afghanistan successfully steps up to the threshold of its tenth year, with the help of the Almighty Allah ( SwT) and your prideful Jihad and selfless sacrifices. With the approach of the spring, the Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to declare the launching of the spring military operations christened as “Badar” to be waged against the invading Americans and their foreign Allies and internal supports. For the purpose of success and effectiveness of the operations against the foreign invading forces and their defeated supporters, the following points must be born in mind”:

  1. As in the past, the Badar Operations will focus on attacks against military centers, places of gatherings, airbases, ammunition and logistical military convoys of the foreign invaders in all parts of the country.
  2. Throughout the operations, the prior target of Mujahideen’s attacks must remain foreign invading forces, members of their spy networks and ( other) spies, high-ranking officials of the Kabul Puppet Administration, both military and civilian, members of the cabinet, members of the parliament, Heads of foreign and local companies working for the enemy and contractors.
  3. Since members of the American espionage agencies, government officials of the Puppet Administration and enemies of the Afghan people and Jihad have ensconced themselves in the so-called Peace Council and are trying to pave the way for the prolongation of the American occupation by cashing in on the name of Jihad, religion and tribal chieftainship,; wants to prevent Mujahideen from waging Jihad against the invaders and are urging the Afghan Mujahid people to accept American slavery and surrender, therefore, members of the Council can be target of the Mujahideen attacks during the operations as, in view of their role, they are considered official members of the ranks of the enemy.
  4. Strict attention must be paid to the protection and safety of civilians during the spring operations by working out a meticulous military plan. Utilizing all proven military tactics, the operations will focus on usage of advanced weapons against the air and ground forces of the invaders, tip-and-run attacks, and group offensives, city attacks, advanced explosives attacks, effective group and martyrdom seeking attacks by warrior Mujahideen.
  5. The Spring Operations have been given the name of Badar in a hope that the Almighty Allah (SwT) may bestow on the Mujahideen victorious achievements versus all invading forces in Afghanistan like that which were bestowed on the believers during the historical battle of Badar in the 2nd Hijri lunar year. Some ardent diabolic chiefs of the polytheists were either killed or captured at the hands of the Mujahideen during the confrontation.
  6. Before the launching of the Badar Operations, we call on all officials of the Kabul Administration, military officers, officials of the spy agency and all other employees to cut off their relations with the invaders and their supporters whatsoever, and join the Mujahideen for the cause of defence of the people and their own person.
  7. All Afghan people should bear in mind to keep away from gatherings, convoys and centers of the enemy so that they will not become harmed during attacks of Mujahideen against the enemy or, as usual, the enemy may not avenge itself on them, following the operations of the Mujahideen.
  8. The Spring Operations of Badar have been launched for the purpose of protecting the tenets of Islam and the religion from the claws of the invaders and salvaging the country and people from the foreign colonialism because the foreign invaders have committed unlawful aggression against the sovereignty of our country; have ignited the flames of war in the yard of our house; have destroyed orchards and houses with bombs and bulldozers; have martyred our countrymen and imprisoned them and have desecrated the holiest Divine Book of the Muslims, the Holy Quran. Therefore, the war in our country will not come to an end unless and until the foreign invading forces pull out of Afghanistan and the cause of the war are obliterated. The Islamic Emirate considers this its legitimate right and religious obligation to defend its religion and country. The Jihad of the Islamic Emirate will continue with the help of the Almighty Allah and the support of the Mujahid people until the attainment of this legitimate right.
  9. The Badar Operations will begin throughout Afghanistan on May, the 1st 2011 i.e. 11 Saur Hijri solar year.

Success comes only from Allah, the Almighty.

Leadership council,
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

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