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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Journalists for Sale - Welcome to Presstitute media of Pakistan

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As the mediagate scandal unfolds the journalists who work only for money are being exposed and undressed one by one. These are same journalists who are the self-appointed and self-proclaimed champions of "Freedom of Speech" which is a charade gifted to us by the western mainstream media which in their sense literally means "Freedom to spit filth". As far as agenda is concerned, there is not much difference in Pakistani media and the western media and that makes it easy for us to comprehend that the source of funding is same i.e. the elite and the occults.
The media anchors who are bribed in the darkness of night when the tongues are loose and the souls are for sale,  are seen blathering  in their talk shows  quoting their "credible sources" and showing that they are very much loyal to their payrolls. When the same journalists are inquired about their "credible sources", they very easily run away by saying that disclosing the sources is against the media ethics. We have been raising voice against these sold-out journalists for a long time and the exposition of these journalists proves the authenticity of the information that we have been giving our readers. This is now a discernible fact that media is completely overpowered by the journalists who draw their salaries from the elites and in return they draw a very innocent picture of them in their respective talk shows. 
As I mentioned in my previous article that the agenda of a particular journalist can be known from the frequency of articles and talk shows appearing about the same topic time and again. The media outlets are highly infested with such braindead personnel.
Ironically, the ladies who work for anyone who pays them more money and are ready to sell their soul and dignity are commonly called 'prostitutes'. I will sound like a fool if I start defining this word in more detail because most of the people know what prostitute means. In context of the Pakistani media, a new terminology much be invented for the sold-out journalists. Lets call them 'Presstitutes' referring to the journalists as defined in the above paragraphs. But there is a big difference in prostitution and Presstitution. It is commonly said that when woman sells herself, only a body is sold, but when a pen is sold, the complete nation is sold. I will not be wrong if I say that these days the Presstitution of Pakistani journalists is at peak and good and honest journalists are like a needle in the haystack.
Our nation has been in slumber for a long time now and used to and still blindly follow the journalists and mainstream media even after knowing that its all money and propaganda game. The journalists who play with the emotions of the people and try to incite false anger or infuse despair are termed as heroes or more precisely Messiah. The journalists who put baseless allegations on the security agencies but when they are called to court, they are rendered speechless when they are asked to prove what they said with full confirmation in-front of the screens. How far will this Presstitution go on? 
Media has been propagating anti-Army sentiments, they have been spreading foreign culture or more precisely Indian culture with shameless audacity, they have been giving a useless hype to non-issues to cause despair in the nation So, are we missing something here? Is Malik Riaz the only one who is bribing journalists to promote his vested interests? If we say 'Yes', we will be fooling ourselves big time. Scrutinizing the overall performance of media suggests that it is working on a multidimensional agenda. From trying to prove Ajmal Kassab a Pakistani to false reporting on Swat operation, From maligning Army in Balochistan issue to completely ignoring the atrocities in Kashmir and Palestine, makes my hypothesis quite conspicuous.
The aftermath of the exposition is that the media channels have took to direct assault and attacks on one another to prove themselves innocent. Media ethics is something very scarce in our country. Those who call for accountability  of others have their own dignity compromised for the exchange of few peanuts. This attitude compels us to raise our finger against the media owners too who are the most responsible people for such shameless acts. If rating is their only goal, then should such people be allowed to open channels? This question directly goes to the regulation authorities like PEMRA. Are they sleeping when the auctioning of journalists and even complete media outlet is in process? 
These are such questions which have not been answered yet and neither do we expect them to be answered as the intrepidity of media is at peak due to their capability to draw public sentiments towards themselves and accountability on  the other hand is almost nil. This is now up to the courts to force the authorities for a violent accountability of media so that the base coins are removed as soon as possible. If a dog falls in the well, it cannot be cleaned by pouring out some buckets of water, the dog must be taken out. Such journalists are the dogs in the well of Journalism.

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Written By:  Faraan Khan
Pakistan Cyber Force



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