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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hazrat Eesa (a.s) arrives in Balochistan - The Divine Message

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This is admin PCF. Last week, I saw in a dream that me and a lot of Pakistanis were fighting in Balochistan against foreign insurgents with guns in our hands. Suddenly, I saw a man who came with one of his companions and claimed to be Hazrat Eesa a.s (Jesus Christ Peace Be Upon Him) and as I was looking at him in awe, all of a sudden his head broke off from his body and his spine got pulled out from his abdomen, falling onto the ground with flesh and blood dripping from it. His companion ran off immediately and that was the time when I turned to see the real Hazrat Eesa (a.s) standing in front of me upon witnessing whom, the imposter died on the spot. Hazrat Eesa a.s was smiling and had arrived from Afghanistan side. As he was looking at me and our men, I noticed his face and found that he had very sharp facial features with thin erect nose, a vertically long face with curley short hair and dark wheatish complexion. He was wearing a brownish Kurta Shalwar, the national dress of Pakistan. As we all were exhausted fighting the battle in scorching heat, Hazrat Eesa a.s came up to me and put his blessed hand on my head and gently whispered, “My son, no use in fighting here. Turn around from Balochistan.” He pointed his blessed finger towards India and said, “That is where the real trouble is coming from. Let us go there and everything here will be fine automatically.”

The entire group of Pakistani fighters including myself, in the leadership of Hazrat Eesa a.s turned our direction and moved away from Balochistan towards Indo-Pak border. As soon as we arrived in the border area, I witnessed people fighting against each other; killing each other indiscriminately with guns and small weapons. We however did not stop there and crossed the Indo-Pak border. It was then when a severe battle unfolded and I had never seen a more fierce battle anywhere else before in my life. We fought and fought for God knows how long until it was all peace and silence prevailed around us. We looked back and found Balochistan and Afghanistan returning back to peace and that was the time when I woke up.

Today, I met a man of Allah who has been helping people get rid of their spiritual and worldly problems throughout his life. His name is baba Allah Yar. I narrated my dream to him and asked his opinion about it and the first thing he did was that he closed his eyes and recited Durood upon Rasool Allah (s.a.ww) and sent blessings upon Hazrat Eesa (a.s). After keeping his eyes closed for a long time, he gradually opened them and looked at me with his penetrating gaze and responded:
“My son, this is a divine message from the Almighty and the spiritual administration which is managing Pakistan's matters. Arrival of Hazrat Eesa (a.s) is special because he is the only messenger of Allah who, with the will of Allah, raised people from the dead. This Indo-Pak nation is composed of morally, spiritually dead hypocrites. Hazrat Eesa (a.s) arrived as a symbol of resurrection of this nation. Pakistan has touched its bottom extremes and any other nation wouldn't survive at this point if it wasn't Allah's will. Your dream reveals that Allah and his spiritual administration in charge of Pakistan has made some decisions which are about to be actuated very shortly.”
He paused for a moment and looked away from me reciting something silently within his lips and continued:
“There will not be an immediate physical encounter with India and the battle will be only between the agencies in which India will lose. Pakistan's days of glory are around the corner. Allah and His administration have already decided that Army will not come in charge this time through a martial law. The cases like family gate and memogate, these are not possible without a divine intervention in the current corrupt system of Pakistan. You never know how, but the days of glory are knocking at Pakistan's door. Who knows that Zardari, whom we all curse and hate, could turn his back against his former masters and become defiant in favour of Pakistan? Allah can turn people's hearts anytime He wants. If not so then He can bring other people in their place with the greatest of ease. The way you saw the imposter die on the spot, it indicates that no deceptive plans of Allah's enemies will succeed this time and will be fiercely crushed. Just do Astaghfaar and wait for the time. Pakistan's glory is written not by anyone of us, but by the Creator of this universe. This fort will now start its final divine preparations by strengthening itself and the entire Muslim ummah for the final encounter between Haq and Baatil (truth & falsehood) inshAllah.”

Written by Co-Admin
Mildly edited by Pakistan Cyber Force Web Desk
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