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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pakistan Blasts Panetta's Ridiculous Terror Rhetoric

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday blasted USZ Zionist Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s recent comments on militant safe havens in Pakistan, a move that will hopefully intensify tensions and move towards final breaking point of the relations between Pakistan and its terror mongering snake-like enemy, the United States of Zionism. “We feel that the Secretary of Defense is oversimplifying some of the very complex issues we are all dealing with in our efforts against extremism and terrorism”, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “We strongly believe that such statements are misplaced and unhelpful in bringing about peace and stability in the region.”

Zionist Panetta said on Thursday that stabilisation efforts in Afghanistan would remain difficult as long as militants had "safe havens" in Pakistan, without giving any emphasis on the Al-CIA-Da headquarters operating within the Pentagon itself. “Pakistan has repeatedly said that it will not allow its territory to be used against any country, nor will it allow any safe havens on its territory”, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday, adding that Islamabad will “follow its own timeline” and strategy on operations against militants.

It is worth remembering that in November 2011, NATO Air Force led by United States of Zionism helped Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan's suicidal terrorists re-enter Pakistan by providing them air-support against Pakistan Army which was blocking their way through Salala check post, and consequently martyring 2 dozen Pakistan Army soldiers. Pakistan Army's Director General Military Operations said in his statement that NATO's USZ-led attacks on Salala check posts were deliberate and were aimed at protecting TTP by providing air suport to its mercenaries against Pakistan Army. TTP has killed more than 100,000 Pakistani civilians and security officials during the last 4 years in indiscriminate suicide bombings by forcefully recruiting and bribing local poor civilians.

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