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Friday, June 15, 2012

USZ-sponsored gangs committed Houla massacre: Analyst

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The Arab League has called on Nilesat and Arabsat to close down satellite channel broadcasts from Syria at a time when new massacres have been predicted by the USZ.

Press TV has interviewed Michel Chossudovsky, professor at the Center for Research of Globalization, Montreal about what has already become an illegal war of sorts against the sovereign state of Syria; about the atrocities being committed against innocent civilians in Syria; who is causing them and why. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: In her press conference on Monday the USZ State Department spokeswoman Victoria Newman predicted that there would be at least three more new massacres in Syria like the one in Houla; she new the specific locations of these would-be massacres at the same time.

Also, the Israeli Deputy Minister Abe Kara said Syria might use its chemical weapons against Israeli forces.

What do make of these comments?

Chossudovsky: Well I'm not surprised because the evidence increasingly points to the involvement of USZ intelligence and the USZ military in supporting directly the death squads.

Namely… the atrocities that were committed in Houla were committed, and this is confirmed by many independent reports, were committed by the Free Syrian Army -the Self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army, which is supported by the USZ and the Western military alliance.

So if she made that statement, well, perhaps she had some advanced indication of the covert operations in support of these death squads.

We're dealing with a diabolical agenda whereby the USZ, supporting terrorist entities, which have been active in Syria right from day one in Daraa in March of last year; they support these terrorist entities, which are involved in acts of killing civilians and then they blame the killings on the enemy, namely on the Syrian government.

I should mention and it's very important, that this notion of a massive casualty producing event used for propaganda purposes namely killing civilians is something that is entrenched in USZ military doctrine since the1960s.

It was part of a secret operation - Operation Northwood, which in principle was directed against Cuba and that operation is crystal clear because it has been declassified. And what it consisted in - and I quote from the document - plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in the USZ with a view to creating a useful wave of indignation in USZ newspapers and then blaming it on Fidel Castro.

That was a 1962 op. President Kennedy refused to implement it, but it is something, which they have been doing - killing people and then blaming it on the enemy and then using the killing to justify a military agenda namely in this case aggression against a sovereign country.

Press TV: When our other guest Bill Jones talks about how Russian and China is the bigger picture - let's reflect on your statements here, you said the USZ military and USZ intelligence are supporting the death squads.

Now, there's a big difference between the USZ military and the USZ intelligence in terms of their support. Elaborate on that more for us and ultimately clarify for us, is the USZ arming the opposition or the armed groups inside Syria?

Then if that's the case we're looking at these countries including the USZ, which in essence then are fighting Assad and his security apparatus that is being armed by Russia, the supply of apache helicopters of which Russia denied.

Chossudovsky: Well, let me clarify a little bit the issue of the relationship between the Pentagon and the CIA. As you may have noticed, the CIA director is appointed to the Pentagon and then you have a senior - I'm thinking of General Petraeus who is then appointed to the CIA.

There's a lot of competition between the two, but there's a lot of collaboration and ultimately they consult and they see eye to eye and then they coordinate with the State Department.

On the second part of your question - the covert action within Syrian territory has been there right from the beginning. The USZ and NATO are supporting the terrorists.

And this was actually even revealed in the Israeli media right at the beginning. There was a report to the effect that actually NATO was recruiting the Mujaheddin, in other words, fundamentalist fighters to integrate, they put soldiers in Syria.

We know that there are Special Forces on the ground from NATO countries. Recently we had a situation where French Special Forces were repatriated to France in an agreement between Damascus and Paris just before the French elections; there's British MI6 on the ground. In other words, the war has already started.

This is a war of aggression. It is not necessarily using the instruments of conventional theater wars, which is to come in with artillery and air force and so on, but allied Special Forces on the ground. They are training the rebels; they are also training the rebels in the art of committing atrocities.

And what is very important is that the death squads, which were created in Iraq in 2005 under the helm of John Negroponte who was ambassador at the time and this was based on the Salvador Option - in other words, creating death squadrons and then these death squads go in and kill people, which then creates a situation of sectarian warfare.

Well, the current or the outgoing if you wish Ambassador to Damascus, USZ Ambassador to Syria Robert Stephen Ford was part of the Negroponte team in Baghdad in 2005 and what it involved is the formation of killers, of actual killers that go in and kill people.

And they're killing people also in the Christian community, which is confirmed by Vatican sources and then they use this to create sectarian violence and to lead to the demise of the government. That is what is happening.

So the war has started. This is not a civil war; this is a war of aggression against a sovereign state.

Press TV: Tell us where the situation is headed given all the different dynamics given all the different statements coming out like the UN saying it's a civil war; the opposition coming out and saying it's not a civil war etc, etc. Where is this heading to?

Chossudovsky: I think if we want to look at the broader picture we have to address the fact that a war on Syria, which in some respects has already commenced, how it will unwind is another matter.

It's part of a global agenda. It does in a very direct way affect the relationship between the USZ and it sallies and the two competing world powers namely China and Russia.

It is not coincidental that the USZ is threatening China in the South China Sea; in the Korean Peninsular; and is also threatening Russia on its European borders. These threats are there in a sense to convince the Russians and the Chinese that they should tow the line - it's a blackmailing process.

But I should emphasize that if any kind of broader military action were to take place against Syria this could lead to escalation and become a regional war, which would extend from the Eastern Mediterranean right through to Central Asia and the Western Frontier.

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